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Friday 8th November 2019
Kenny Allstar
Fridays With Kenny!
23 / 65 Tracks
Kenny brings you the latest in UK Rap!

Kida Kudz Jiggy Bop
WSTRN Maggie & Stardawg
Naira Marley Wagon (feat. Naira Marley)
clean Hustling (feat. clean)
SL Welcome To The Wild
GRM Daily Bring Em Out (feat. GRM Daily)
Kida Kudz Snack (feat. Kida Kudz)
WSTRN Vice Versa (feat. WSTRN)
No Face Dip
D-Block Europe I Remember
So Large Jerk Man
Gunna Broken Homes (feat. M Huncho & Gunna)
Kojo Funds No Stallin'
Young T & Bugsey 4X4
Not3s Nah (feat. Not3s)
Dave Paper Cuts
Splurge Boys Pushin'
H Moneda Woke Up
Krept & Konan Air Force (Remix) (feat. K Trap & Krept & Konan)
Youngs Teflon Fire Water
NSG 0.270833333333333 (feat. NSG)
Digdat Guten Tag (feat. Digdat)
Stickz We Don't Care (feat. Stickz)
Headie One Don'y Rush (feat. Headie One)
La Vida Loca No ID
Yungen Lyca (iO Remix) (feat. NSG & Yungen)
NSG Trust Issues
Digga D No Diet
Stucka Phones and Scales
House of Pharoahs Lit Like London
Lewitownblue GBH
Yxng Bane Vroom
OFB Gangland (feat. Headie One & OFB)
Fizzler Who's Got Bars? (feat. Fizzler)
J Hus Common Sense
Teeway Honda Civ
Lotto Boyz Bim Bam
Afro B Hot Property
Zee Stack No Days Off
One Acen 43740 (feat. One Acen)
Fredo So High (feat. Fredo)
J Hus Must Be
Teezandos Focus
Lotto Boyz Hitlist
Ambush Man Can't
Poundz Opp Thot
Frosty Daily Duppy?
J Hus Sweet Cheeks
Tiggs da Author Oh My (feat. SL, Yung Fume & Tiggs da Author)
Miss La Familia Come Alive
Anderson 100 House Rules
RAYE Check (feat. RAYE)
Geko Darlin' (feat. Geko)
K Don Global
Tion Wayne Trendy (feat. AM & Tion Wayne)
MoStack Cheating On Wifey (feat. MoStack)
Aystar Lebron
S Loud Try Me (feat. S Loud)
Giggs London Town (feat. Giggs)
K.O. I Was
Wholagun Engine
MoStack Screw & Brew (feat. MoStack)
Belly Squad Gangland (feat. Belly Squad)
Shaybo Ya Dun Know
Gready Ready (feat. Gready)
Friday 1st November 2019
Kenny Allstar
OFB Inside!
18 / 48 Tracks
OFB's Dezzie, Double Lz and BandoKay step up for their VOTS freestyle!

Remtrex Back Home (feat. Remtrex)
T Mulla Link Up
Cadet Keep Talking (feat. Stormzy & Cadet)
La Vida Loca No ID
Rushy Hi Bye!
TeeZandos Focus
Curly Matt & Jeff
Ling Hussel Tell Me (feat. D-Block Europe & Ling Hussel)
RV Triggered
Tokyo The Producer Phat
Dibo Da Come Up
Miss La Familia Letting Dem Know
S Loud Try Me (feat. S Loud)
Trapx10 No Gazi
Fizzler Who's Got Bars
MoStack Cheating On Wifey (feat. MoStack)
Sav Horrid One
Trillary Banks Tasty
Flames Quit
Ms Banks Snack
Shaker Daily Duppy (feat. Shaker)
TWO4KAY Jealousy (feat. TWO4KAY)
Nafe Smallz Thumb (feat. Nafe Smallz)
Shaqey Dread Who's Got Bars
Ace Plenty
V9 Where I'm From (feat. Jimmy & V9)
Headie One Touring (feat. Headie One)
No Face Dip
Shaun Focus Brothers Keeper
Aitch What's Next
WSTRN They Don't Know
House of Pharoahs Lit Like London
NSG Trust Issues
Splurge Boys Pushin'
Aystar Lebron
Young Bush Survival
K Trap Exit
Park Hill 8AM. (feat. Park Hill)
Stardom La Vida Loca
Blanco Mirror Man
Youngs Teflon Triple Threat (feat. Youngs Teflon)
KO These Streets
RA Flyin Em (feat. RA)
Swarmz Motorola
Blazer Boccle Wow
Zee Stack No Days Off
Friday 18th October 2019
Kenny Allstar
Friday's with Kenny Allstar!
19 / 47 Tracks
The sound of the streets, by the voice of the streets. Kenny is soundtracking your Friday!

Ms Banks My Size (feat. Ms Banks)
Stardom Ahh Yeah
D-Block Europe Number 29
Kilo Jugg Wait
Myers Cool Kid
Stickz Brixton Boy (feat. Stickz)
DiBo The Come Up
Knucks Harrods (feat. Knucks)
No Face dip
Swift Pay Less (feat. Swift)
Flames Quit
KO I Was
NSG Trust Issues
Terminator The League (feat. Terminator)
Fredo So High (feat. Fredo)
Lavida Loca The Kings Back
OFB Gangland (feat. Headie One & OFB)
Tookie Riding (feat. Tookie)
Headie One Both
Lil Tjay War (feat. Lil Tjay)
Raver Shell Dung
Tunde Baiyewu Fendi & Supreme
Headie One Home
Loski Stop Lying (feat. Loski)
Rimzee 2 Do 1
Anderson 100 House Rules
WSTRN They Don't Know
J Styles Fake Nails
Meeks Rap Aside
RV Change (feat. RV)
Aystar Trapmode
Young Smokes Hood Rich
JayKae On The Way Home
Miss La Familiar Letting Them Know
Scorpz Platform 4 (feat. Scorpz)
B-Money Fly Boy (feat. B-Money)
Zee Stack Money Moves
Kems Different Ting
Moelogo Tek Time (feat. Moelogo)
Sharpa I Can Tell You
Blazer Boccle Banging Flake
Zeeno Trap
Kida Kudz Jiggy Bop
MoStack Fashion Week (feat. AJ Tracey & MoStack)
Shaybo You Dunkno
Clue Clint Eastwood (feat. Clue)
Kilo Jugg 2Pac
Friday 4th October 2019
Kenny Allstar
Live From Birmingham
15 / 31 Tracks
Kenny's in Birmingham ahead of 1Xtra Live.

Headie One Both
Skepta Welcome To The Party (Remix) (feat. Skepta)
Ace Plenty
Knucks Harrods (feat. Knucks)
So Large Jerk Man
Aitch What's Next
Lavidaloca The King's Back
Stickz Back to Rap (feat. Stickz)
Ambush Only Right
Lil Tjay F.N
Teeway Feeling it
Black Thought Crown for Kings (feat. Black Thought)
Miss Lafamilia Letting Dem Know
Wholagun 1000 Text
Blazer Boccle Banging Flake
Mowgli Fly Boy (feat. Mowgli)
WSTRN Victim
D-Block Europe Thug
Pop Smoke War
Young M.A B.I.G
DaBaby Vibez
RK Born To Be Great
Young Smokes Hood Rich
Don Strapzy (Male white British rapper - formerly known as Dru Blu) Matcho
RomeyFive Gold Link
Zee Stack Money Moves
Hamerzz Fuego (feat. Todd Buchler & Hamerzz)
S Loud Try Me (feat. S Loud)
Zemz Different Ting
Harlem Spartans Spartan Style
Sir Spyro Listen
Friday 6th September 2019
Kenny Allstar
Friday Night with the General!
24 / 47 Tracks
It's Friday night and Kenny Allstar has you covered with brand new UK rap and more!

Pree Easy Man
Tiggz Trust
Deepee Never Lazy
Krept & Konan Let's Go (feat. RV & Krept & Konan)
President T Pick Up The Phone (feat. President T)
Tiny Boost Feels Good
Digga D No Diet
Kwengface Twix
RA Struggle
WSTRN Victim
Dimzy Bang & Crackle
Lowski No Cap (feat. Lowski)
Remtrex Slang 2
Young Dolph By Mistake
Fredo No Lie (feat. Fredo)
M Hunchp Tranqulity
Rimzy Go Time
Young M.A BIG
Headie One Home
M Lo What It Is (feat. M Lo)
Rushy Hi! Bye!
Young Thug Just How It Is
Houdini Levels (feat. Houdini)
M24 Ay Caramba
SD Muni Dem Man
Aitch Intro
Yung Reeks Intro
Jesse James Solomon Void (feat. Jesse James Solomon)
Mitch Free Smoke
Skepta Welcome To The Party (feat. Skepta)
Aitch What's Next
Zee Stack Money Moves
JJ Esco Nothing (feat. JJ Esco)
One Acen Xpensive Habits
Snap Capone Menace 2 Society (feat. Snap Capone)
Ambush Only Right
Zoey Dollas My Dog
K Trap Out The Mud
Polo G Finer Things
Stay Flee Get Lizzy Love of the Lizzy
BT Nasa (feat. TS & BT)
Kano Class of Deja
Pop Smoke Dior
Stickz back to rap (feat. Stickz)
Claivsh Ketchup and Salad Cream
KO Whip
Friday 9th August 2019
Kenny Allstar
LD & Dimzy (67) Inside!
31 / 53 Tracks
Brixton's LD and Dimzy (67) go back to back in their Voice Of The Streets freestyle!

Mikabeats Hoods Hottest
Sapphire Beatsz Most Wanted
Blittz My Circle
WSTRN Maggie & Stardawg
Gunna Broken Homes
Mitch Free Home
Savo Violent Siblings
Buckinonfools Nay Sayers
Young Adz Love of my life
H Moneda Jump Out the Pot
MLo What It Is
Skepta Jumpy (Remix)
D-Block Europe Home P*ssy
Young Dolph Ain't like that
Headie One Different Sorts
MoStack Shannon
Smoke Boys Smokey Settings
Dappy Motorolo (feat. Dappy)
Zee Stack Money Moves
Headie One Rubbery Bandz
Nafe Smallz Come Alive
Splurgeboys In the Family (remix) (feat. Splurgeboys)
Dekar Plane Ticket
JJ Esko Sort
Splurgeboys Not enough goats
Donae’o Polo
JS F** the Judge (Mix)
Offset Rich
67 Bang and Crackle
Stardom La Vida Loca
Eugy Lolo
K Trap Big Mood
Pa Salieu Like Tu Danz (feat. Pa Salieu)
A2 Renegade
Stickz Amnesia
Fekky All the Smoke
K Trap Funds (feat. K Trap)
Rimzee Go Time
Ard Adz Saudi
Swarmz Drive By
Fredo Funky Friday
Kaos Never
RV I Spy (Remix) (feat. Morrisson, Abra Cadabra & RV)
Bandokay Yoo
Frosty County Lines
Louis Rei Bomboleo
Rymez Don Walk
Blade Brown Why (feat. Blade Brown)
Wholagun Engines
Ghetts My Circle (Remix) (feat. Ghetts)