Playlists with tracks by Vader

Friday 19th February 2021
Sir Spyro
6 / 29 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Ghetts & Stormzy Skengman
Spooky cloudy riddim
Ghetts ft. Aida Lae Good heart
Spooky Killer Instinct
Hitman Walk and Live
Squintz x Renz & Duppy Should've jeeted
12omo lamb neck soup
Jammer x Biggaman the jerk man
Stormin (biggaman mix) In a dance
Bruza pick it up
Joe Fire ft. BWZ Dat Talk
T Rodz Lettin em know
Crafty 893 ft Sir Spyro Wotless
Leon Humid
Ten Dixon ft j smart & pawz how am here
Dizzle x Shantz Woii Yoii
Local Bon Jovi (Spy dub)
Trends Rep Stripe
Faultz Deejiilz Ely Kid
Marcus nasty ft Miz Boxes
Vader What Ya Saying
Flowdan x abstrakt Come From
P money x silencer trouble
Veil pass the mix
Footsie Dumping again
Scrufizzer 1
Wiley bars
Frisco x Capo lee x JME x shorty baitest sound
Slowie & Komposa Trust Nobody
Friday 9th October 2020
Sir Spyro
11 / 66 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Swifta Beater M Sport
Trends Mouth Shaker
Maniac Spud
Eyez HP Bars (feat. Blay Vision & Eyez)
President T Goat
Jammz ID
Sir Drifter Cream (feat. Sir Drifter)
Trim Pull Up
Mez Call It What You Want (feat. Mez)
Faultsz No Restoring Man
Rapid Frequency
Jammz The World (VIP)
Sir Spyro Blue Cheese
800 Dub
Vader Bun Mic (feat. Deviman & Vader)
Mic ofcourse Pride n Ego
Flowdan Come From
Razor Racks
Jme Grime (feat. Jme)
Sir Spyro Side By Side (Instrumental Remix)
Biggie D 94 Carrot
Vosion Crew Bring It Back
Mic Ty Dub
Footsie Paid Piper
Roachie ID (feat. Roachie)
Joker S Wave
Sir Spyro Windy
Brassic Ozai
Mos Wanted Hungry Tiger
Griminal Dub
Rude Kid Call Of Duty
Jon E Cash Hoodz Up
Skepta IC3
Coco Dance Done (feat. Trigga & Coco)
Mr Traumatik Poison
Heavy Trackerz Sauvage
Rude Kid Narcos
Jon E Clayface ID (feat. Jon E Clayface)
So Large Myself
Compa In Check
Narst Shellyanne
IMP Batch Gype Riddim Remix
Rude Kid One Take (Remix)
Kid D Hot Like This
SOX Do My Job
Crafty 893 Luv Me
Nat Powers Mystry Riddim
Iron Soul Destruction
Rude Kid Win The Thing
Killas Army Badman Ting Remix (feat. Killas Army)
Crossy Box Clever
Novelist Tell Me A Ting (Remix) (feat. P Money & Novelist)
Iron Soul Temper
SBK Luck
Swifta Seater 34 Shots
Leberin Manisfestation
D.O.K Stomptized
Ossa Muad
J-Smart Long Road
Silas 4x4 Breakbeat
Teeza Beats Skiipy n' Violent
Logan OLM ID
D.O.K The Crow
Preditah Nosy Parker V.I.P
Jah Digga Council Pop
Silencer Speeding Fine
Friday 18th September 2020
Sir Spyro
11 / 54 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Silas Blossom
Dizzee Rascal Hoe
Sox Do My Job
XTC Functions On A Low
Silas Blunt
Dizzee Rascal Win The Ting
Sukh Knight Diesel Not Petrol VIP
Jammer Take You Out (Instrumental)
Badness Diwali Riddim
Silas Evil Monastery
DJ Bossman Bongo Eyes Remix
Ten Dixon Big Business
JME Straight Riddim Freestyle (feat. JME)
BBK Red Card
Silas Froggy
DJ Buzby 8 Bar Riddim
Terror Danjah Nght Crawler
Jon E Cash Hoodz Up
Charlie Trees Flowers
Silas Mirage
DJ Vader Messed Up (Instrumental)
Tommy B I'm Charged (feat. Tommy B)
Killa Army Badman Ting
Crossy Roblox Skank
Silas Nivea
Elf Kid ID
Tommy B No Drama
Logan Move From We
D Double E ID
Silas Power
Filthy Gears Dirt Freestyle
Trends Mouth Shaker
Macarbe Unit Slow Jam
Deadly R3al I Par With Da Best (feat. Deadly R3al)
Silas Roller
GTK Roar (Instrumental)
Vader Bun Mic (feat. Ace1, Devilman & Vader)
Mr Dubz Hotterz
Dem Lott Dem Lott's Ere Now
Silas Tribe
Hazzard Tremor
Various Artists Bring It Back (feat. Various Artists)
Reece West Lacazette
Dexplicit Forward 2 (Instrumental)
Silas Untitled
Hutchy B Y2K (Step Mix)
Various Artists Dance Dun Remix (feat. Various Artists)
SBK Luck
Dexplicit Pow (Instrumental)
Sir Spyro Press Ups
ID Hungry Tiger Remix
Various Artists Victory Lap
Friday 4th September 2020
Sir Spyro
7 / 47 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Mr. Oizo Flat Beat
David King Alkaline
TEEZA BEATS Skippy & Violent
J Sweet Marxman
Musical Mob Full Moon
Devilman Dub
Vader Sunday Morning
Jme Holiday
Bigshot Rha Stomp (Jawside's edit)
Rude Kid Bandannas On
Direman Ice Climbers (feat. FROSTAR, Wiley & Direman)
Wizbit Midnight
Jon E Cash Champagne & Woes
Boy Better Know Red Card
SBK Jealousy
DJ Sticky Wheeze
Wong Williams Orchestra
Kano Tell Me A Ting
brassic Ozai
DOK Funky Nandoes
XP Smoke & Mirrors
Kyeza Garage Farda
Buggsy French Montana Riddim
Silencer Chingford Mount
Elf Kid Chattin (feat. Dee Jillz & Elf Kid)
Lemzly Dale Underdog
CADEL Tower Hamlets
Silencer Speeding fine
Filthy Gears Gully Chops
Mayhem NODB HP Bars
Capo Lee British BBQ
Snoopa Outlaw (feat. Snoopa)
Footsie Wash Up
Menta Sounds Of Da Future
Capo Lee Of Course
Snowy Lightning (Roska Remix) (feat. Snowy)
frequency Rapid V2
Mez Call it what you want (feat. Mez)
Commodo Stakeout
Stone Cold GX Danger Instrumentals
Griminal Dub
Mic Ty Dub
Crafty 893 Blessed (feat. Crafty 893)
Sukh Knight 2020 Fe Dead
Ironsoul Intent
Friday 21st August 2020
Sir Spyro
Lyrical Strally & Sir T back to back Bars
6 / 31 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Vader Sunday Mawnin
Footsie Hills of Zion
Monkstar Biggerman (feat. Monkstar)
Gallah Sniper
Nerva DUB (Leberin prod)
12omo Lamb Neck Soup
Grandmixxer Lambeth Yardies
P Money Shook
Black Opps Hoods Up
Griminal Dub
Platinum 45 Oi (Sir Spyro Remix)
Bxks Packed In
Iron Soul Temper
Rude Kid Chase It
Dapz On The Map Shinobi II (Safe & Sound)
Jamakabi Haunted Joyride Freestyle
Darkness Opposition
JayKae On Top
Sir Spyro Windy
DOK Stomptized
Joker The Boss!
Spooky Haunted Joyride Freestyle
Elf Kid Chattin (feat. Dee Jillz & Elf Kid)
Lyrical Strally Borrow & Lend
Travis T OB
Eyez On Fire (feat. Kamakaze, Capo Lee & Eyez)
Maniac Don't Go
Travis T Squeeze Trigger
Footsie Deuce
Mez R9's Haircut
Friday 14th August 2020
Sir Spyro
The Best in Grime
14 / 53 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Numa Crew We Nuh Tek Riddim
Faultz No Restoring Man
Sir Drifter Dub
Lewi B Slappy
Vital Techniques Suh Yuh Gwarn
Ossa Champion Riddim
Filthy Gears Infinity Loop
Skepta Sniper
Lollingo Barz 2
Blay Vision Blay FM (french montana riddim)
P1 Caps Hadouken Dub (1XSC)
Gesher Untitled Dub
Sox Do my job
Loon Humid
BMD North Weezy (Spyro Dub)
PK Flow Sensei
Giggs Man Don't Care (feat. Giggs)
Spitz Haunted Joyride Riddim
Maxwell D Anthem (feat. Maxwell D)
Bomb Squad B.O.M.B
President T Round the twist
Heavytrackerz Sauvage
Splurt Diablo Red Hot (Sir Spyro Remix)
Maxwell D I'm from a Place (feat. Maxwell D)
Boy Better Know Skanking Ting
Red Boy G
Irah Killstreak
Stogey A Matter Of Timing
Merky ACE Ruffs The New Buff
Champion Multiply
Riko Dan High Power
Ironsoul Destruction
TALLIFAH Keep Up Freestyle (feat. TALLIFAH)
MEZ Babylon Can't Roll
Crossy Box Clever
Royal Warning (feat. Bruza, Tinie Tempah, Mz Bratt, Badness, Devilman & Royal)
J.S.D Fall For You
Tintz Mad Ant Dub
Moonchild Sanelly Mozambique (feat. JayKae & Moonchild Sanelly)
D Double E Spyro Dub (March)
Scorch Too Much
Jah Digga Council Pop
Tommy B No Dramas
Mystry New Scars
Devilman Dub
Shorty Prophecy (feat. Shorty)
Jakebob Sutton
Trends Red Stripe
Nasty Crew Girls Love Nasty
Eyez Boxing Bars
Shxdow Final Boss
K9 No Hook
Vader Sunday Mawnin
Tuesday 26th May 2015
Hitman, Dappy and INK MMG
23 / 44 Tracks
Birmingham's Hitman brings in some friends for a big GimmeGrime freestyle.

T2 Heartbroken
Jeremih Planes
Sweet Female Attitude Flowers
Solo Lucci Whip It
MJ Cole Sincere
Amira My Desire
Tempa T Shelly
Tina Moore Never Gonna Let You Go
Sia Little Man
Craig David What You Gonna Do (feat. Craig David)
Wookie Scrappy
Merky Ace El P
TS7 Smile
Kanye West All Day
Kid D First Touch
Rough Copy Same Formula
Gregory Porter Holding On (feat. Gregory Porter)
P. Money Lock Your Doors (feat. P. Money)
Dappy Beautiful Me
Travis Porter Walked In (feat. Street Money Boochie & Travis Porter)
Dappy 100
M. Dargg Look Like You (feat. M. Dargg)
Fetty Wap Trap Queen
Gavin Francis Want To Do (feat. Huskey & Gavin Francis)
Vader Defeat
24Hour Experience Together
Gunplay Aiight (Remix)
Mr. V Hey (Remix)
Sound of One As I Am
Hitman 140 BPM
Newphew Texas Boy Yo Opinion
Burgaboy You Lied
Nina #NevaSwitchSides (feat. Nina)
Cadell Last Supper
Chelsi Lauren Lonely
Potter Payper Praying That It Works (feat. Potter Payper)
Lil Nasty Jus Cool Nah (feat. Saskilla, CCane, Big H, Scrufizzer, Drifter & Lil Nasty)
Professor Green Slick Rick (feat. Tinie Tempah & Professor Green)
Luther Soul Special (feat. After Six & Luther Soul)
Proton Hobby
TRC Trickin Me
Rick Ross Aiight (Remix) (feat. Tempa T & Rick Ross)
Meridian Dan Wristband (feat. Skepta & Meridian Dan)
Tuesday 19th May 2015
Radio Raving with Tuff Culture
23 / 62 Tracks
Birmingham's Tuff Culture brings the garage and bass vibes to Radio Raving.

Drake Tuesday (feat. Drake)
O.T. Genasis CoCo
K Camp Money Baby
Bugzy Malone M.E.N
Tempa T Shelly
D Double E Undeniable
Cause & Affect Dimensions
Redlight Gold Teeth
Nicki Minaj Throw Sum Mo (feat. Young Thug & Nicki Minaj)
Tuff Culture Artillery
Kid D First Touch
Chris Lorenzo Rhymes
NERO The Thrill (TCTS Remix)
David Zowie House Every Weekend
Drake All My Love
Rae Take Me Away (feat. Rae)
Kokiri Turn Back Time (Retrospect)
Rae Sremmurd No Type
Duke Dumont The Giver (Reprise)
Rae Sremmurd Up Like Trump
Stormzy Know Me From
Taim First Time
Grades King
Roachee What Have You Done (feat. Roachee)
Tom Shorterz Taken Away
Haikara Light's On (feat. Haikara)
Rough Copy Same Formula (Zed Bias Summervibes Remix)
Tre Mission Bud Light Platinum
Izzie Gibbs Snakes
Rude Kid Love Me
JME Hello Hi (feat. JME)
Bashy Do It Big (feat. J Spades, Ghetts & Bashy)
Shane Blackshaw Inside (feat. Shane Blackshaw)
Double 99 RIP Groove (DubRocca Remix)
Tuff Culture Henchmen
Big Narstie Let Em Know (Radio Edit) (feat. Kozzie, Rough Copy, Lady Leshurr, Scrufizzer & Big Narstie)
Pressure Dat's Dead (feat. J Bomma B, Trilla & Pressure)
So Large I Wouldn't Have That (feat. Ghetts, Rival & So Large)
Tuff Culture Questions
Softmore Never Come Back
Tuff Culture Close
C. Cane All About My Money
Stormzy It's Peak (feat. Bugzy Malone & Stormzy)
Tzar When I Think About
Lil Boosie Made Me (Remix) (feat. Jeremih & Lil Boosie)
Cadell Last Supper
Durrty Goodz David Rodigan
Vader Grime 2.0 (feat. Baz Brown, Aye Nizzy, Brotherhood, K. Dot & Vader)
Loick Essien Number 1
Frisco Family (feat. Frisco)
Wesley Jay Jazz Music
Luther Soul Special (Original Mix) (feat. Luther Soul)
Cause & Affect Ironside
Rich Gang Tell Me Why
Gee Cee Sound of Heaven
Wiley Love Magnet (feat. Wiley)
Moony At The Top
Chelsi Lauren Lonely
Rick Ross Aiight (Remix) (feat. Tempa T & Rick Ross)
Todd Edwards You Are My All
XY Constant Silverlined
Nastaly In The Name Of Love (feat. Nastaly)
Tuesday 5th May 2015
Tempa T & Blonde
27 / 54 Tracks
Blonde are Radio Raving, plus a Gimme Grime freestyle from Tempa T and Skitz Beats.

XYConstant Silverlined
Bugzy Malone M.E.N
Azari & III Reckless
Low Steppa So Real
Shiba San Show Me Show Me
Tempa T Shelly
Dance Cult Anything Tonight
Double 99 Rip Groove
Tough Love In The Name of Love
Fastlane Into You
Disciples They Don't Know
Kid D First Touch
D Double E Undeniable (feat. D Double E)
Taim First Time
Alex Newell All Cried Out (feat. Alex Newell)
Mayhem No It's Not
DJ S.K.T Take Me Away
Lion Babe Wonder Woman
Michael Mandal On The Run
Tensnake Keep On Talking
Lion Babe Wonder Woman (NVOY Remix)
Nero The Thrill (TCTS Remix)
Duke Dumont The Giver (Reprise)
Rough Copy Same Formula
Lxury Square 1 (Joe Goddard Remix)
Jade Blue Hardwired
Mak & Pasteman Oh Baby
Champion Kill Bass
Shift K3Y Name & Numbers (Mike Mago Remix)
Vader Blacked Out (feat. Haz Man, Villain, D2 & Vader)
James Hype! Tom Cruise
Marshy Use My Name
Sir OJ Slowly
Jendor, Kojey Radical We Run Da Block (feat. P Money, Young Teflon, Mikill Pane & Jendor, Kojey Radical)
Master Stepz Crying Over You
So Large What Have You Done (feat. Roachie & So Large)
Kid D Waterfall
AJ Tracey Redbull
Maxsta Aiight (feat. Rick Ross, Saskilla, Scrufizzer & Maxsta)
DJ Cable One Line Flow
Kowton Glock & Roll
Arun Verone Loving You
Mdargg Look Like You
Tempa T Police & Teef
Bugzy Malone It's Peak (feat. Stormzy & Bugzy Malone)
Thabo Hopelessly Coping (Gorgon City Remix) (feat. Thabo)
Paper Pabs Shut Down The Dance (feat. Prez T & Paper Pabs)
The Golden Boy The Promise
Luther Vandross Special (feat. After 6 & Luther Vandross)
Cadell Raheem Sanchez Cowie Gerald Last Supper
Tommy Vercetti I Miss You
Haidara Leave Me (feat. Haidara)
Cadell Raheem Sanchez Cowie Gerald Dub
Sunday 5th April 2015
Cameo sits in for Target
35 / 61 Tracks
Cameo sits in for DJ Target to keep the Saturday night party rocking.

O.T. Genasis CoCo
Rae Sremmurd Come Get Her
Tinashe Drop That Kitty (feat. Charli XCX & Tinashe)
Mr. Oizo Flat Beat
Rich Homie Quan Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)
Justin Martin Don't Go (Dusky Remix)
Jauz Feel The Volume
Frequency Lately
The Prototypes Don't Let Me Go (Jade Blue Remix)
Gladiator Cruise Control
Justin Bieber Where Are You Now
N69 Take You There
Habstrakt Time
Tujamo All Night
Fastlane Into You
Mediate What You Do (Jade Blue Remix)
Nicki Minaj Throw Sum Mo (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Paul McCartney All Day (feat. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
Fetty Wap Trap Queen
M.O. Preach
Rae Take Me Away (feat. Rae)
Antonio Giacca Real Love
Mez Sike
Migos One Time
Rihanna Better Have My Money
Rough Copy Same Formula
Wiley Fair & Square (feat. Wiley)
Kokiri Turn Back Time (Retrospect)
SirOJ Slowly (99 Souls Remix)
Grizzy Look Like You
DeJ Loaf Be Real (feat. DeJ Loaf)
Skepta Shutdown
Lil Wayne Truffle Butter (feat. Drake & Lil Wayne)
Diztortion Fester Skank (feat. Diztortion)
TCTS For Life
Thurzday Show Me (feat. Too $hort, palmer reed, James Guy & Thurzday)
Jade Blue Our Time
Low Steppa So Real (VIP)
Philip George Love Inside
French Montana Can't Trust Thots (feat. French Montana)
Tru Fonix Move
Jimpster Porchlight And Rock Chairs (KiNK Remix)
Bodyrox Yeah Yeah (Jade Blue Bootleg)
Fuse ODG Imperfection (H Two O Remix)
Ty Dollar Sign Nothin' Like Me (feat. Tyga & Ty Dollar Sign)
Bridgette Just Another Face (feat. Bridgette)
Vader Blacked Out (feat. Hitman, Hazman, D2, Villain & Vader)
Kaleem Taylor Promises (Pep & Rash Remix) (feat. Promises & Kaleem Taylor)
Chedda Da Connect Flicka Dat Wrist
Greatness Real Hittas Back (feat. Greatness)
Chris Brown Sposed To Be
Wonderlush Move and Groove (feat. Wonderlush)
Lil Nasty Just Cool Nah (feat. Saskilla, CCane, Big H, Scrufizzer, Drifter & Lil Nasty)
Grizzy Lukatar (Remix Part 1) (feat. Gods Gift, Jamakabi, Bugzy Malone, Flirta D, Frisco, J. Hus, Bonkaz, Glitchy & Scratchy & Grizzy)
Wyte Label Remix Beautiful Me (Wyte Labl Remix)
Lion Babe Wonder Woman (NVoy Remix)
E-40 IDFWU (feat. E-40)
Paper Pabs Shut Down The Dance (feat. Prez T & Paper Pabs)
Iggy Azalea All Hands On Deck (feat. Iggy Azalea)
Loick Essien Number 1
Wednesday 25th March 2015
DRS Is Inbox Fresh!
26 / 66 Tracks
D&B heavyweight DRS delivers his collab with Shola Ama & S.P.Y. as tonight's Inbox Fresh

Kendrick Lamar King Kunta
Nas Something To Believe In (feat. Aloe Blacc & Nas)
Deeco 3233
Preditah Attack
Goodbye Tomorrow 100K
Merky Ace El P
Rapid Pepper Riddim
Tinashe Pretend
Teeza Bounce VIP
Edgem Toxic Audio
Context In The Bag
James Morrison Lonely People (feat. James Morrison)
Wiley Chasing The Art
Mayhem NODB No It's Not (Swifta Beater Remix)
Novelist Shook
Wilkinson Hopelessly Coping (Gorgon City Remix)
Big Narstie Gas Pipe
Mez Sike
Fono Real Joy
Skepta Shutdown
Blonde All Cried Out (99 Souls Remix)
MHE The Thrill Is Gone (Original Mix)
SpectraSoul Always
Kano New Banger
Stormzy Know Me From
Shash'U Workout Pt. 1
Wayne Marshall Fire (feat. Wayne Marshall)
Maxsta Gully
Durty Doogz AKA KINGAH
Novelist Sniper (Murlo Remix)
Shorty Don't @ Me (feat. Skepta, Frisco & Shorty)
Jammz Hit Then Run
Show N Prove Yo Yo Tinz (feat. Show N Prove)
Amonation We Are
Etta Bond 18
P. Money Never Left (Acapella)
Jay Vades Mievado (We've Arrived)
Sir Spyro Mizuno
Paper Pabs Shut Down (feat. Prez T & Paper Pabs)
Kahn & Neek Return To Cloud Base
Footsie Denim Black
Kaleem Taylor Forever Part 2 (feat. Kaleem Taylor)
Calibre Something To Believe In (feat. Calibre)
Mista Silva Stream It (feat. Mista Silva)
Gemmy 16s
Pusha T Push It (feat. Pusha T)
Spooky Coolie Joyride (Murlo VIP)
CASisDEAD Nigella
Mr Dubz and Trends Crowd Rocka
Giggs Nutcrackerz (feat. Giggs)
Conor Maynard Talking About (Architechs Remix)
Mystry Pulse
Rival Mi Na Ramp
Kiko Bun When Will I Stop Dreaming (feat. Loyle-Carner & Kiko Bun)
Hamilton Dean Feel The Fury
Rudekid Voices
Lil Nasty Jus Cool Nah (feat. Saskilla, CCane, Big H, Scrufizzer, Drifter & Lil Nasty)
D Double E See No Evil (feat. D Double E)
Nate Dogg Regulate (Linden Jay Re-Imagined) (feat. Nate Dogg)
Iron Soul E-Motion
Vader 140 BPM
Lil Nasty Wot Is It Remix (feat. Hit Man Tyga, Stormin & Lil Nasty)
NayNay Sunshine
Jack Ü Take U There (Andy C Remix)
Shola Ama What They Do (feat. S.P.Y & Shola Ama)
Sunday 14th December 2014
Rock Show with Daniel P Carter
Behemoth in session
26 / 35 Tracks
Behemoth are in session, plus there is an exclusive Download Festival announcement!

Sleeping With Sirens Kick Me
System of a Down Aerials
Parkway Drive Wild Eyes
At the Gates Heroes And Tombs
Clutch The Mob Goes Wild
Deftones Passenger
Machine Head Killers And Kings
Mallory Knox QOD II
Motionless in White Reincarnate
Lamb of God The Undertow
Enslaved RIITIIR
Every Time I Die Pigs Is Pigs
Pelican The Cliff
Vader Where Angels Weep
Full of Hell & Merzbow Fawn Heads And Unjoy
Fugazi The Word
Lord Dying A Wound Outside of Time
Set and Setting The Inevitable Cycle
White Arms of Athena On The Edge
Trap Them Saintpeelers
Black Veil Brides Faithless
Baby Godzilla The Great Hardcore Swindle
Torche Minions
Northlane Rot
Title Fight Chlorine
Rise Against I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore
Behemoth Chant For Ezkaton 2000 E.V. (Radio 1 Session, 8 Dec. 2014)
Behemoth O Father O Satan O Sun! (Radio 1 Session, 8 Dec. 2014)
Malo Konjche Eudaimonia
Follow My Lead XIII
Angels & Airwaves Teenagers & Rituals
I Am Giant Russian Doll
Marmozets Broken Reflection
Behemoth Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel (Radio 1 Session, 8 Dec. 2014)
Behemoth Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer (Radio 1 Session, 8 Dec. 2014)
Wednesday 5th November 2014
19 / 59 Tracks
The ultimate guide to new music, including Sixty Minutes of Logan Sama.

Jack Ü Take Ü There (feat. Kiesza)
DeJ Loaf Try Me
Dizzee Rascal Couple Of Stacks
Kidnap Kid Lazarus Taxon
Wiley BMO Field
Stormzy Not That Deep
Murlo Cold Stroke
Raleigh Ritchie You Make It Worse
Huxley Give 2 U
Wiley From The Outside
Royce Wood Jr. Rover
Sam Smith Like I Can (Artful Remix)
Break Strictly Entertainment
Breakage Treading Water
Karen Harding Say Something
Kid D Jasmin
Commodo Shift (feat. JME)
Nick Brewer Jet Li
D Double E Lovely Jubbly
Kieran Alleyne Running Low (Remix) (feat. Youngen)
D-Power See No Evil (feat. D Double E)
Rag N Bone Man Hell Yeah (feat. Vince Staples)
Ghetts Man Like Me (Remix) (feat. Hot Chip, Rapid, Kano & Caitlin Devlin)
Vader Invasion Are Around (feat. Hitman & Hazman)
Krystal Klear One Night Only (feat. Yasmin)
Big H Always Say
Lion Babe Jump Hi (feat. Childish Gambino)
Devilman Joke Ting (feat. Livid Kid & Leon YT)
J-Trends Virus
Big Narstie Hello Hi (feat. JME)
Lolingo Hate So Much
Diztortion Bandolero (feat. Ms. Dynamite)
Bloodline Levels
Majestic Creepin In The Dark (Grant Nelson Remix)
Snowy ADHD (Remix) (feat. Izzie Gibbs & VX)
Jakwob Time Capsule (feat. Caitlyn Scarlett)
Meridian Dan So Much Cash (feat. Prez T & Wiley)
DJ Cameo Let Em Know (Radio Edit) (feat. Kozzie, Rough Copy, Lady Leshurr, Scrufizzer & Big Narstie)
Spooky Freekin'
Kahn Cloud Base
DJ Cameo Jus Cool Nah (feat. Saskilla, Big H, CCae, Scrufizzer, Drifter & Lil Nasty)
Spyro S Files
Breakage Treading Water (VIP Remix)
Mystry Circus
Dullah Beatz Hijack VIP
Stay Fresh These Times
ELICIT I Wanna Be Your Lover (Crissy Criss Remix)
Kid D Love Magnet (feat. Wiley)
Paper Pabs 100,000
Etta Bond King To Be
Teddy Music T444z
D-Power Ride Your Buzz (feat. Big Narstie)
Protoje Stylin
Footsie White Box
Tiga Bugatti (Zed Bias Remix) (feat. Pusha T)
Tuesday 3rd June 2014
Rock Show with Daniel P Carter
Metallica and Architects action!
13 / 20 Tracks
Dan catches up with Lars from Metallica and Tom from Architects.

Of Mice & Men Identity Disorder
Metallica Frayed Ends Of Sanity
Citizen The Summer
Metallica For Whom The Bell Tolls
Architects The Devil Is Near
While She Sleeps Satisfied In Suffering
Eyehategod Agitation! Propaganda!
Vader Where Angels Weep
Lonely The Brave Backroads
&ME Locust
The Word Alive Lighthouse
Lower Than Atlantis Here We Go
Bury Tomorrow The Torch
Metallica Lords Of Summer
Linkin Park Wasteland
The Dillinger Escape Plan Happiness Is A Smile
Feed The Rhino Deny And Offend
Mallory Knox QODII
Failure Come Crashing
Wardruna Lyndomsriss
Tuesday 10th July 2012
UKG with Cameo
DJ Q sits in for Cameo
7 / 49 Tracks
DJ Q sits in for Cameo with a mix from Paul Sirrell and TS7. May contain strong language.

Disclosure Control
Yolanda Be Cool Le Bump
Todd Edwards Love In
Meleka Love You Baby
Wiley Heatwave
Dj Q Ordinary People
SBTRKT Living Like I Do
M.I.K Dojo
R1 Ryders Speedbump
Dismantle More Funk
Toddla T Alive (feat. Shola Ama)
M.I.K Mor
Rack N Ruin Slow Down
DJ Antoine vs Lethal B Welcome To St Tropez
TS7 Grade A (Someone?s Remix)
Medler Onwards
702 You Don?t Know (Big Ang 2012 Refix))
Rude Kid Get Busy (Funkysteps Remix)
TS7 This (feat. Russo)
Afrojack Can?t Stop TheMusic
Rudimental Deep In The Valley (feat. Shanti)
Unknown Alive (Sticky Remix)
Duncan Powell Break
Merky Ace Ftz
Andy J and S-Tee Spiralling
Russo Old School
Unknown I Don?t Like (Remix)
Fazer Killer (Agent X Remix)
Moony Too Jazzy
Baby Blue Target
Vader Footwear
Genius Cru Boom Selection 2012 (Fabian Remix)
Moony Vital Organ
Birdhowz Birds Of A Feather
Scum Fam Phase 2
Hitman Say What I Want
Movez Old School
Classified Classified Base
Scum Fam Summertime
KCat Broken (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
Oxide Bumpy Vibe
Cleo Soul Never The Right Time
Terror Danjah feat Riko Dan Dark Crawler
Lenny Fontana Sprit Of The Sun (Mike Delinquent Project)
Preditah Nosey Parker
Discarda and P Money Legion Of Doom
The Mike Delinquent Project Step In The Dance (feat. Lady Leshurr)
Linoban Like This
Preditor Circles VIP
Tuesday 25th October 2011
UKG with Cameo
Mike Deliquent and KCAT live in the studio
8 / 26 Tracks
Mike Deliquent and KCAT live in the studio, re-live Cameo's set from the 1Xtra Club night.

Sneakbo The Wave
Jessie J Who You Are
Dot Rotten Keep It On A Low
Kozzie Spartan
C4 Off Track
Starkey Blood Roses
Bassboy Yes
Yasmin Light Up (Feat. Ms Dynamite)
The Mike Delinquent Project Signal (Feat. P Money)
Marga Goonz
TS7 Getting Out Of Hand
Maverick Sabre I Need (Zied Bias) (Feat. Donea?o)
Vader 2 by 2
Mike Delinquent Axe Man
Wretch 32 Don?t Go
Cameo & Paperboy Who?s Dat (Feat. New Grime Wave)
MJ Cole Southern Electric (feat. Scrufizzer)
Wretch 32 Forgiveness
Champion Sensitivity (Feat. Ruby Lee Ryder)
Mz Bratt Tear It Up
D Double E Pumping It Out
Paperboy Fully Gassed (feat. Big Nasty & L Dot Man)
Dj Q Brandy and Coke
Steel Banglez Break Down (feat. Ghetts, Wiley, Big H and P Money)
Kano Crazy (feat. Scrufizzer)
The Mike Delinquent Project Out Of Control (feat. KCAT)
Tuesday 31st May 2011
UKG with Cameo
P Money co-hosts
11 / 38 Tracks
P Money co-hosts with Cameo. He played the tunes he wanted to play and boots Cameo off!

Lethal Bizzle Pow 2011
Yasmin Finish Line
P Money Ho Riddim
Vybz Kartel Touch A Button
Kozzie Spartan Remix
Donae'o Check My Swagga Out
Skepta So Alive
DJ Q Over Me
Kelly Rowland What A Feeling
Katy B Easy Please Me
Skepta Winner (P Money & Lemar)
Dot Rotten Badda The You
P Money Blackberry
Teddy Music The Night I Fell Asleep
Funky Stepz Our Love
Blacks & P Money Ogeezus (feat OG?s)
Terror Danjah Full Attention (feat Ruby Lee Ryder)
Jammin' OMG (feat P Money)
P-Money I Can?t Stop
Caliba Love Song
Time Takers She Blows
P-Money Madness (feat Jammer)
Cameo BBK Dub
Vader South Side To The Mids
KCat Live
P-Money Who Are You Watching
Champion Sensitivity (feat. Ruby Lee Ryder)
KCat Out Of Control (feat. Donae?o)
Rude Kid Break It Down (feat Lily Mackenzie)
Chelsi Lauren Go Hard (feat Krept)
Scrufizzer Bring Me Down (feat Able Miller)
Dj Cameo & Paperboy Whos Dat (feat. The Grime Wave)
Z Dot Gangster
Scrufizzer Hoody
DJ Mystery Take It Slow (feat. Sophia)
Shystie Warning
Marga Boom Bye Bye
O.G.s Boo You
Wednesday 27th April 2011
UKG M1X with DJ Q
11 / 63 Tracks
Midlands crew Invasion pass through with some big freestyles. May contain strong language.

Spooky Spartan
Rude Kid Electric
Todd Edwards I Might Be
Spooky Jack Daniels (Remix)
Admiral Bailey Jump Up (Terror Danjah Remix)
Teeza Bounce
DJ Pantha Candy Shop
Todd Edwards Lost
DJ Pantha Take You Away
Swifta Tempo Talented VIP 2010
Todd Edwards Steal Your Heart
L.D.P. Hidy Ho
Zibba Ta Rarse
DJ Q Over Me (Feat. Louise Williams)
Swifta They Shall Sin
Toddla T Take It Back (Feat. Shola Ama) (DJ Q Remix)
Majic Tazer
Rusko Guilty
Fireworkz Limb By Limb (Feat. Bounty Killer, Ghetts, Shystie & Trilla)
SX 01902
Tom Zanetti Get Set (Francois & Rewbs Mix)
Mel Trappin? (Mensah Remix)
8th Note Wasn?t It The 44
Rusko Roll The Beats
SX Woo! Riddim (DJ Q Remix)
Flava D Pumpy
TS7 Nothing (Feat. Sarah Etheridge)
Nastee Boi Dirty Bit
Rynsa Man Still Tippin (Remix)
Freddo Take A Chance (Feat. Jessica) (DJ Q Special)
TS7 The Worst Of Me (Feat. Christobelle)
Nastee Boi Saw
Bowser Prawn Crackers
Snowman In The Pendante
Terror Danjah Best Crawler
G-Beat Night Walker
Tyler, the Creator Yonkers (Lil Silva Remix)
P Jam P Cut
Cherri V The Show (T2 Remix)
Terror Danjah East Village
Hittman Take Orders (Feat. Badness)
Vader 2 By 2
Paleface Where I Wanna Be (Feat. Liace)
Chris G & Jamie Boocock I Just Can?t Get Enough
The Beloved 1000 Years From Today (Todd Edwards Remix)
J.G. Breaking Dishes
Vader Believe Me
Preditah Solitaire VIP
Darqwan Flow So Hot (Feat. Shinobi)
SRC Angry Mode
Todd Edwards Head Held High
KCat Live
Vader & P Money Southside To The Mids
Producer Thomas Smash
Dexplicit Bullacake (Teeza Remix)
SRC Tokyo Central
Kim English Nightlife (Armand Van Heldon?s Retail Mix)
Xploder All The Things You Said (Pyper Remix)
Pyper Duppy Conqueror (Feat. Recneps) (DJ Q Special)
Swifta Evil Orchestra
Kozzie Spartan (Remix feat. Marger, Merky ACE, Rival, Ego & Scrufizzer)
Zibba Closer
Randomer & Adverse Aliz
Tuesday 12th April 2011
UKG with Cameo
Calibar, Merky Ace & The Family Tree
8 / 47 Tracks
Grime MC?s Calibar & Merky Ace Drop Exclusive Freestyles, and we have the UKG Top 5!

Katy B Lights On
Kozzie Spartan Remix
Merky Ace Merky Reason
Merky Ace Family Tree
Fire Camp Move
Addictive Bad Girl (Champion Remix)
Calibar Angles
Si Si Love Me (feat. Risgo)
Funky Stepz Circles
Melika Go
Calibar Freestyle
Slix, Ghetts & Dymunds Grind
Funky Stepz Shocker
Merky Ace Come Lets Rally (feat. FT, Ego, Sif Man & TKO)
Calibar Groundwork
Sniper Untitled
Gracious! Shut Down (feat. Funky Dee)
Merky Ace Every TIme
Teddy The Night I Fell Asleep
Calibar Hard Work (feat. Dot Rotten)
Griminal Lyrics
Addictive Heartache
Tribal Maggs 21 Sares (feat. Gracious K & Ramzee)
Champion Loose Control
J Sweet Cant Stop Grime
Alex Gaudino What A Feeling (Sunship Remix) (feat. Kelly Roland)
Vader South Side To The Mids (feat. P Money)
DJ Cameo & Paperbwoy Who?s Dat (feat. The Grime Wave)
J Sweet Pow 2011
Alize & Mayhem Don?t Piss Me Off
Ms Bratz Killing Em
Yasmin Finsh Line
DJ Mystery Room 101
Baby Blue Paper Haters
Ramzee Certain Man
DJ Q Over Me (feat. Louise Williams)
KCat Live
Bass Boy Drip
Redlight Source
Dot Rotten Normal Humanbeing
Braddles Turn Back Time
Scrufizzer Bring Me Down (feat. Able Miller)
LR Groove 5 Star EP
Brotherhood On Our Own (feat. Dot Roten)
Scrufizzer Take Me Out (feat. Able Miller & Wiley)
Footsie Ghost train Freestyle
Mavado Starboy (feat. Chipmunk & Sneakbo)