Playlists with tracks by Takaaki Itoh

Friday 26th January 2018
Japan Special!
18 / 44 Tracks
It's a Japan Special, featuring DJ Sodeyama and Wols Label Mates.

Nils Frahm Hammers
Caiazzo God Body (Young Male Remix)
Ena Nerve Fiber
A-Dam Coca
Loleatta Holloway Stand Up (Pangaea's Mix)
Mergrim Demo3
Takaaki Itoh Household Method
Lag Pridji Vatri
Sapphire Slows Piece Of You
Minuszwei KLST (Philippe Petit Remix)
Takaaki Itoh Slicer
DJ Rush Freaks On Hubbard (Dave Clarke Remix)
Kyoka Smash/Hush
Observer March The Drums
Takaaki Itoh Meaning
User Untitled
UVB Fire Of Life
Template Telepath Response Unit (Leghau Mix)
Takaaki Itoh Error Polynomial (Oscar Mulero Remix)
DJ Rush Ejection
Taishin Saying This Once
Kessell Chains Of Abstraction
Takaaki Itoh Clean Your Shyness
Kyoko Lined Up
Sodeyama Miles Part 2
Lori Wormhole
DJ Sodeyama Miles (Beatless Mix)
Koba Brief Respite
SERi Acid Bubblebath (Wata Igarashi Remix)
Ellen Allien Call Me (Kyoka Remix)
Yaleesa Hall Second Carol (Asusu Remix)
DJ NOBU Safari
Wata Igarashi Junctions
Steffi Exit The Ego
Shinichi Kinoshita Beyond Raging Waves (feat. Shinichi Kinoshita)
Kouhei Matsunaga Parallel Displacement
Efdemin Don't Bang Your Fingers
Lena Dice
Aria Rostami Where I Saw Naked Numb Years
The People In Fog Get Funky
Phara Paramount One
Stevia Flying Sheep
Biotrans Frehnor
Ryogo Yamamori Paradox
Friday 12th January 2018
Future 12's Future 12s
1 / 48 Tracks
B Traits invites some of her recent Future 12 stars to pick their Future 12 artists.

Pacou Burst
Arthur S Postma Flash Cube
Heiko Laux Snitch
Boxia Lost Nightclub
Dawid Dahl Grenade Mantra
Border One Spiral
Anorak Caution
Takaaki Itoh Heighter
ASOK A Summary Of Feelings
No Hats Required MS20
Juras Lietus C1_7
Tensal C-B2
Bird of Paradise Vape For Christ
Cindy Boofa Deez Nuts
Tadeo Apollo 01
Exium Inner Core
Ben Caldwell Ping Pong
Arnaud Le Texier Interluc
DJ RS Satisfied
Woo York I Am Against
Edmondson Village (Newcastle Rhythm Mix)
Blake Baxter Pursuit Of Happiness
LFO vs. Fuse Loop (Fuse Mix)
Setaoc Mass Proun
Pearl Fervor
Desert Sound Colony Clapping Rhythm
Stanislav Tolkachev Unknown And Untitled
Emotional Dials Colours
Mikael Jonasson Fata Morgana (Flug Acid Dub Mix)
Alderaan Sequel
Raj Pannu Thek
Robert Hood Apartment Zero
Florian Meindl Space Traveler (Lucy Remix)
Patrick Siech Bubbli
Joton Natural Beginnings (Arnaud Le Texier Remix)
Norman Fortnight
Toms Due Magma (Ambivalent Remix)
Patrik Skoog Flowing Ions
Lakej Perceived Connectivity
Circular Vector Patterns Emerging Boson Patterns
Maetrik Ninex 7-C
1800HaightStreet Endless
Cirkle Tension
Oasis Pyramid ETA
Massive Attack Teardrop (Inhalt Der Nacht)
Linus Quick Sorel