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Wednesday 7th April 2021
Freak Zone Playlist
by Hannya White
9 / 21 Tracks
New finds and old favourites from the London-based musician and visual artist.

Anika I Go To Sleep
Portishead Machine Gun
kraaa The North rises
Tenko Nakajima Swivels
Lucrecia Dalt Nu
Trentem°ller Moan (Trentem°ller Remix Radio Edit)
Lucy Lu Bring Me The Mountain
Mash Sand Wave
Cowboy Flying Saucer áBBQ
Matthew Jameson Generic Song by the Seaside
Die T÷dliche Doris Lieblingslied/VerunglŘckt
Mosquitoes Diodic
genseiichi Nil
Hannah Peel I Love You I Love You
Pretty Monsters Entropy (Excerpt)
Hannya White Be my friend
Soap&Skin Sugarbread
Hekla Slit
Soloman Tump Sprnrml (Excerpt)
HIDE Do Not Bow Down
TDA PrÚsence