Playlists with tracks by Neil Luck

Saturday 27th July 2019
BBC Proms
2019, Proms at ? Battersea Arts Centre
5 / 18 Tracks
Live BBC Proms. Oliver Coates, Crewdson & Cevanne and Jennifer Walshe.

Oliver Coates Bambi 2046
Dmitry Shostakovich Prelude and Fugue in B flat minor, Op 87 No 16
Oliver Coates Proteus
Dmitry Shostakovich Prelude and Fugue in G minor, Op 87 No 22
Oliver Coates Reunification
Jennifer Walsh Glori
Shiva Feshareki Improvisation
Jennifer Walshe : Nature is a Machine
Jennifer Walshe They Go People and Person
Neil Luck Any's Responses
Neil Luck Deepy Kaye
Crewdson & Cevanne Broadcast Encounter
Neil Luck Namesaying
Crewdson & Cevanne Sisa's Well
Crewdson & Cevanne To Mighty Heaval
Oliver Coates Butoh Baby
Crewdson & Cevanne Two Machines
Oliver Coates Prairie (feat. Malibu)
Saturday 29th June 2019
New Music Show
2 / 10 Tracks
The best new music in live performance, plus interviews and features. With Tom Service.

Bruno Mantovani Entrechoc
Luc Ferrari Music Promenade
Maja Ratkje Øx
Michael Perrett Come and See
Neil Luck Modern Times and Forms of Love
Tujiko Noriko Karaoke Theme
Ana Lara When The Silence Falls
Andrew Hamilton Waldo
Angharad Davies Solo Violin and Four Bass Amps
Bastard Assigments Prep
Saturday 2nd February 2019
Hear and Now
London Contemporary Music Festival
1 / 7 Tracks
Kate Molleson presents music recorded at London Contemporary Music Festival.

Neil Luck Regretfully Yours, Ongoing
Klein A dramatisation of cc
Claudia Molitor Die Gedanken Sind Frei
Chaya Czernowin Day One: On the Face of the Deep
Elaine Mitchener b r e a t h b r e a t h
Julius Eastman The Prelude
Julius Eastman The Holy Presence of Joan D'Arc
Saturday 8th September 2018
Hear and Now
The world?s strangest Proms after party
0 / 14 Tracks
Enter a psychedelic dream sequence from an imaginary Last Night of the Proms after party

Loré Lixenberg The Singterviews
Lynette Quek Probsnot
Max Wainwright Talking to itself
Neil Luck PA (1)
Neil Luck PA (2)
Neil Luck PA (3)
Neil Luck The Classic
Adam de la Cour Blotto und Shat
Neil Luck PA (4)
Benedict Taylor Guerillas
Neil Luck Void
Federico Reuben Concerto for AI
Neil Luck What's that Sound?!
Heather Stebbins Ursa Minor
Thursday 5th July 2018
Late Junction
Nick Luscombe
4 / 19 Tracks
Time hop to tuneful epochs via Trinidad, Detroit, London and Delhi.

The Band The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Innerzone Orchestra Bug In The Bass Bin
Binker and Moses How Land Learnt To Be
Skadedyr Festen
Cyril Diaz et Son Orchestre Feeling Happy
Szun Waves Constellation
Darius Milhaud "La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)
François‐Xavier Roth Darkness (Beatrice Dillon Remix) (feat. Francesco Tristano Schlimé, Les Siècle & François‐Xavier Roth)
The Simonsound Dry Bones
Hannah Catherine Jones Owed to Summer Madness
Hejira I Just Wanna Be Your Prisoner (feat. Hejira)
Ana Silvera When The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (The Search)
Lorraine Cusson Weird Nightmare (feat. Lorraine Cusson)
Andy Lewis Tired Bones
Mateo Kingman Ilaló (feat. Mateo Kingman)
Annie Penta Raga Vardhani: Alap (Excerpt) (feat. Annie Penta)
Mick Sussman Dry Feud (Rb. 584)
Art Baron Canon (Part 2) (feat. Don Alias, Gary Lucas, Bill Frisell, Francis Thumm & Art Baron)
Neil Luck Any's Response's
Tuesday 21st November 2017
Late Junction
Fiona Talkington
0 / 22 Tracks
Fiona Talkington marks 'No Music Day' in the spaces where sound, silence and music meet.

Johanna Juhola Tanhutrauma - Folk Dance Trauma
Unknown artist (musical saw) Saga (feat. Unknown artist (musical saw))
Frigg Friggin' Polska
Yasuaki Shimizu Seiko 4
Aki Rissanen Blind Desert
Elena Kats-Chernin Clocks (1993): Part IV
Matt Rogalsky 6AM-7AM Silences
Hanne Hukkelberg Silverhaired
Matt Rogalsky 2PM-3PM Silences
Ane Brun Show Me Heaven
Sontag Shogun no.13 (Sushi Rice, AM Frequency Gap, Pines)
Dmitri Shostakovich Cello Sonata In D Minor, Op.40: III. Largo
Christine Sun Kim LautPlan (Extract - Live for BBC Radio 3)
Steve Lawson To Hear With An Open Hand
Milan Knížák Composition N.3
Okkyung Lee The Space Beneath My Grey Heart
Алексей Борисов Sonic Call To Arms
Neil Luck Phantasy
Vadik Korolev Меринос (Merino) (feat. Vadik Korolev)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith I Am Learning
Taito Hoffrén Mölperi
The Dream Hey Jimi
Sunday 26th February 2017
The Choir
Musarc, Veljo Tormis
3 / 12 Tracks
Sara Mohr-Pietsch meets the choir Musarc and reflects on Veljo Tormis with Paul Hillier.

Veljo Tormis Raua Needmine [Curse Upon Iron]
Peteris Vasks The Fruit Of Silence
Veljo Tormis Laulusild (Bridge of Song)
reversioned by Sam Belinfante William Byrd Corpus Sonus (extract)
Tomás Luis de Victoria O Magnum Mysterium
Veljo Tormis Ingrian Evenings
Vocal Line It Is White Out There (Det Er Hvidt Herude)
Ben Oliver Interplay (extract)
William Byrd Ave Verum Corpus (extract)
Lee Westwood The Architect (extract)
Neil Luck Bloody Sirens (extract)
Neil Luck Down with the Mistletoe (extract)
Thursday 30th June 2016
Radio 3 in Concert
Open Ear - London Contemporary Orchestra, Sarah Nicolls, Neil Luck, Shiva Feshareki
0 / 10 Tracks
London Contemporary Orchestra and performers Neil Luck, Sarah Nicolls and Shiva Feshareki.

Sarah Nicolls Resonant Body
Shiva Feshareki Improvisation
Neil Luck Clubcb
Sarah Nicolls Sleep Scene (Moments of Weightlessness)
Meredith Monk Backlight for mixed ensemble
Duke Ellington Out of the Mist
Shiva Feshareki Out of sorts for string ensemble
Sarah Nicolls Seedling
Neil Luck Selected Poems
Andrew Hamilton Music for Roger Casement