Playlists with tracks by Mirry

Thursday 18th February 2021
7 / 11 Tracks
Elizabeth Alker with music that defies classification.

Nathan Micay Ecstasy Is On Maple Mountain
Sebastian Reynolds Mother's Day
Chino Amobi Law 1 The City In The Sea
Chuck Johnson Raz-de-Marée
Cindy Lee What's Tonight To Eternity
Fanny Pankara Chuquimia Crest (feat. Fanny Pankara Chuquimia)
Gesualdo Six Lumen
John Peters Calm Voyage
Madlib Hopprock
Mirry Consolation
Naoko Sakata Improvisation No. 1
Friday 22nd January 2021
Tom Ravenscroft
with Eartheater
16 / 24 Tracks
Tom catches up with New York based artist Eartheater.

Haley Give Yourself Away
SOPHIE BIPP (Autechre Mx)
M. Caye Castagnetto Hands on the Business
Tala Vala Beach Tranquiliser
Mirry Anthem
Taut Slingshot
Apifera Yaki's Delight
Mirry Nicholas and Alexandra
Trio Da Kali Demba (Demi Riquísimo Remix) (feat. Trio Da Kali)
Beverly Glenn-Copeland Luckey
Mirry Study in B flat
Violet inverno em londres
Blacklight Chameleon A Love Moment for the End
Nicola Cruz Individuality Riddim
Chico Blanco Triangulo De Amor Bizarro (Beigean's Amore De Noche Dub) (feat. Chico Blanco)
Nilotika Ejokawulida
DeKalb Works two
Rian Treanor Obstacle 3
Eartheater Airborne Ashes
Eartheater Below The Clavicle
Sarah Mary Chadwick When You're Sleeping
Gary Bartz Day By Day
Smerz Believer
Thursday 14th January 2021
Northern Lights and Narrow Seas
6 / 12 Tracks
Elizabeth Alker with music that defies classification.

Olivier Alary & Johannes Malfatti Elsewhere
Tender Central I'm here
Tiny Leaves A Stillness
Ana Roxanne Suite pour l'invisible
Vargkvint Hall Mig (reimagined by Tim Linghaus)
Bell Orchestre V: Movement
Carolina Eyck Northern Lights
Caroline Shaw Narrow Sea (Part 2)
Daniel Bjarnasson Bow to String: Air To Breath
Danny Mulhern Desnuda Waltz 2
Marilyn Mazur Castle of Air
Mirry Anthem
Wednesday 9th December 2020
Gideon Coe
Now Again Records is the Label Of Love.
18 / 39 Tracks
Sessions from Link Wray, The Jim Jones Revue, Belle and Sebastian, Hannah Peel.

Belle and Sebastian Like Dylan in the Movies
Thunderclap Newman Hollywood Dream
The Ventures Jingle Bell Rock
The Loft Winter
The Hamrahlid Choir Cosmogony
Hectorine Motel Song
Mama Odé Wadada Lasts
The Heliocentrics Looking Back
James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra Struggle (Radio Edit)
Michael J. Sheehy The Places We Used To Dance
Ayalèw Mèsfin Che Belew (March Forward)
The Jim Jones Revue Cement Mixer (6 Music Session, 11 Dec 2008)
Japanese Television Moon Glider
Mirry Study in B flat Minor
Belbury Poly Star Jelly
The Jim Jones Revue Rock 'n' Roll Psychosis (6 Music Session, 11 Dec 2008)
Jarvis Cocker & Feist Snow is Falling in Manhattan (feat. Jarvis Cocker & Feist)
Nat Birchall Mysticism Of Sound
Jenny Moore's Mystic Business I Am Afraid
P.E Hewitt Ensemble Oma Rakas
Chrissy Zebby Tembo Born Black
Johnny Darrell Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood
Pedro Lima Maguidala
Four Tet Romantics
The Wytches Fly Inside
Link Wray I Can't Help It (Radio 1 Session, 16 Jan 1997)
Salvatore Mercatante The Garden
Fun Boy Three Going Home (Radio 1 John Peel Session, 16 Jan 1983)
Link Wray It Was So Easy (Radio 1 Session, 16 Jan 1997)
Stuart Moxham And Louis Philippe Sky Over Water
Fun Boy Three Tunnel Of Love (Radio 1 John Peel Session, 16 Jan 1983)
Yo La Tengo Wasn't Born To Follow
Link Wray Time Warp (Radio 1 Session, 16 Jan 1997)
The Gist Being True
Guided by Voices Hold On To Hope - BBC Session 24/08/1999
Lloyd Miller Gol E Gandom
The Goon Sax Home Haircuts
Haiku Salut Pattern Thinker
Lucidvox Knife
Monday 30th November 2020
Gideon Coe
The Faces in concert.
16 / 40 Tracks
Sessions from Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, The Fatima Mansions, The Blue Aeroplanes.

Nick Drake Fly
Aphex Twin Nannou
Camera Obscura James
Tim Buckley Buzzin' Fly
Vashti Bunyan Rose Hip November
New Fast Automatic Daffodils Stockholm
Star Feminine Band Femme Africaine
Colleen November
Keleketla! Freedom Groove (On U Sound Humanity Screams Mix)
The Blue Aeroplanes Cowardice And Caprice (Radio 1 Session, 15 Feb 1987)
Edwyn Collins Blue Boy - 6 Music session 27/03/2013
Lancelot Link & The Evolution Revolution Yummy Love
28th Day Pages Turn (Alternate Version)
The Fatima Mansions Broken Radio 1 (Radio 1 Session, 25 Mar 1990)
Edwyn Collins Dilemma - 6 Music session 27/03/2013
Mirry Study in B flat Minor
Ajay Saggar Pinecone
The Fatima Mansions It Will Be Good (Radio 1 Session, 25 Mar 1990)
Faces Cut Across Shorty - Paris Theatre 1971
Moon Goose 10,000 Bongs
Andrew Wasylyk Awoke In The Early Days of a Better World
The Hippy Boys Reggae Pressure
Faces Had Me A Real Good Time - Paris Theatre 1971
The Nightingales Wicked Winter (Lost In Highland Park)
Faces Love In Vain - Paris Theatre 1971
Bob Collins Better Luck Next Time
Geography Of The Moon Deadbeat Poet
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever French Press (6 Music Session, 30 August 2017)
Tommy McCook African Jumper
Geri van Essen Song About The Moon (6 Music Session, 4th Mar 2018)
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Sick Bug (6 Music Session, 30 August 2017)
Carw Amrant
Geri van Essen Wayfaring Stranger (6 Music Session, 4th Mar 2018)
Rudies Moon Bug (Radio 1 Session, 23 Nov 1970)
Ciclismo Class 87 Coventry To Euston 1986
Ghostpoet Concrete Pony (Radio Edit)
Sababa 5 Schastlivymi
Claude Cooper Tangerine Dreams
Jon Brooks Dandelion Clock