Playlists with tracks by Melissa Pons

Saturday 9th January 2021
New Music Show
Exaudi in Session
5 / 17 Tracks
Exaudi sing music by Linda Catlin Smith and Jrg Frey.

Maja Ratkje Voice
Maja Ratkje Chipmunk Party
Maja Ratkje Avant Joik
Carola Bauckholt Implicit Knowledge, for ensemble and sampling
Maja Ratkje Tale of Lead and Frozen Light
George Lewis H. narrans
Hlose Werner coronasolfge for 6
Martin Arnold Stain Ballads
Jrg Frey Landscape of Echoes
Matana Roberts Gasping for air considering your purpose Dissolving
Linda Catlin Smith Her Harbour
Melissa Pons Gers
Linda Catlin Smith Her Shore
SPUNK An Apartment At Brugata 3A
Linda Catlin Smith Uncertain
Maja Ratkje Acid
Maja Ratkje And Sing While Thou On Pressed Flowers Dost Sleep
Wednesday 31st July 2019
Late Junction
Other Night
8 / 18 Tracks
Music of dreams and nocturnal restlessness with Verity Sharp.

Mouse on Mars The End
Lisa O'Neill Rock The Machine
Joe Cutler Akhmatova Fragments: I.
Chupame el dedo Metalero
Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano Los Arrieros
Ben Walker Afon
Hildegard von Bingen Favus distillans ursula virgo
Greta Thunberg The 1975
SPAZA Stametta Spuit: Invocations
Melissa Pons Selection of field recordings from Atlantic rainforest, Brazil
Powerdove When You're Near
Akari Wauja Wakure
Billy Hart Scene 10: Pearls
Philipp Gropper’s Philm Saturn
Zac Gvi Green Chimneys
Yikii 5am
Siavash Amini A Recollection Of The Disappeared
YATTA Cowboys
Wednesday 19th September 2018
Late Junction
Max Reinhardt
3 / 20 Tracks
Sonic comings-together, across oceans and centuries.

Lee Bongguen Earth
Louise Mackenzie Tentacular Resonances (excerpt)
Anon. Tono triste para oracion
Mahobin Yellow Sky
ASHER From the Eyes
Malawi Mouse Boys Hunger (Hymn)
Ben Clayton-Wolfindale I Lived on Planet You
Malawi Mouse Boys Dirt Floors
Christian Carrière Post Haste
Melissa Pons loud declination (excerpt)
Get the Blessing Not With Standing
Melissa Pons midnight singing (excerpt)
Hen Ogledd Transport & Travel
NICO Prelude / Lawns Of Dreams
Humazapas Han Chagra
Nicole Mitchell Vodou Spacetime Kettle
Τάσος Στάμου Pirates
Phew Strong Winds
Kiefer Dope Nerd
Slow Moving Clouds Trin