Playlists with tracks by Martin Arnold

Saturday 9th January 2021
New Music Show
Exaudi in Session
5 / 17 Tracks
Exaudi sing music by Linda Catlin Smith and Jürg Frey.

Maja Ratkje Voice
Maja Ratkje Chipmunk Party
Maja Ratkje Avant Joik
Carola Bauckholt Implicit Knowledge, for ensemble and sampling
Maja Ratkje Tale of Lead and Frozen Light
George Lewis H. narrans
Héloïse Werner coronasolfège for 6
Martin Arnold Stain Ballads
Jürg Frey Landscape of Echoes
Matana Roberts Gasping for air considering your purpose Dissolving
Linda Catlin Smith Her Harbour
Melissa Pons Gerês
Linda Catlin Smith Her Shore
SPUNK An Apartment At Brugata 3A
Linda Catlin Smith Uncertain
Maja Ratkje Acid
Maja Ratkje And Sing While Thou On Pressed Flowers Dost Sleep
Friday 4th November 2016
Radio 3 in Concert
Open Ear: Apartment House, Juice, Joby Burgess
3 / 14 Tracks
Live at St John-at-Hackney, music by Apartment House, Juice, Joby Burgess, Richard Birkin.

Richard J Birkin Night Sun
Gerald Finzi Elegy
Aldo Clementi Berceuse
Nicole Lizée The Filthy Fifteen
Richard J Birkin Improvisation for Twinklr
Ben Oliver Songs for Stanley
Sally Whitwell Going Somewhere
Christopher Fox Generic Compositions #2,3,5. 4
Sarah Dacey Poetree
James Lindsay Sanbiki no kashikoi saru
Kerry Andrew Luna-Cy
Laszlo Vidovszky String Quartet no.6
Linda Buckley Ekastasis
Martin Arnold B.Org (inegale)