Playlists with tracks by Kai Whiston

Friday 19th February 2021
Tom Ravenscroft
The Ravers Hour with Giant Swan
16 / 33 Tracks
An exclusive 30 minute guest mix from Giant Swan and a 30 minute mix from Tom himself.

Tyler Matthew Oyer No Temple (Bapari remix)
El Plvybxy Kuruyuki
Prettybwoy Centrifugal
Xen Chron Sure Why Not
Giordano Lisbon Bridge
ptwiggs Creation In Destruction
Ara-U 2028
Holsten 5150
Regina Leather Industrial Collapse
Aya Delishus
Imaginary Number Get
Scratchclart X
James Massiah 144,000
Bree Runway X2C
Kai Whiston Catch
SOPHIE Metal (feat. SOPHIE)
Ccontrary Two Faces
Kamus Wallace (Nikki Nair Remix)
Sugar Crack The Whip
Clemency Biblical Names (Boofy remix)
Leon Vynehall Mothra
Sunun Water Chamber (feat. Sunun)
D.Dan Take It Easy
TEEN Cache
DJ Boss Remix for Regis
LIZ Cloudbusting (Maor Levi's Starlight Remix)
The Caretaker Stage 1 Slightly Bewildered
E B U Convulse
LSDXOXO Taking Me High
Saturday 13th June 2020
Diplo and Friends
Count Baldor in the Mix
10 / 47 Tracks
Count Baldor in the mix, exclusively for Diplo and friends - only on 1Xtra and Radio 1.

Sean Kingston Beautiful Girls
Phurpa The Visualization
Count Baldor Interlude
VRG The Pit (ATTAQ Remix)
Gutalax Toi Toi Story
Pussy Riot Knife (Count Baldor Remix)
Count Baldor Violent Chain
Zebra Katz NO 1 ELSE
ID Lord Of The Rings (Dubstep Remix)
100 Gecs ringtone x iPhone Ringtone (Jaydon Lewis Trap Remix)
Quay Dash Bossed Up
Count Baldor relaxation segment (Anti Gravity Cheat)
Kai Whiston boyei
100 Gecs xXXi_wud_nvr_trust_XXx (Count Baldor Mashup)
Robloxcore XD LOL
Count Baldor Airplanes
Keloid Asphyxia (feat. Keloid)
100 Gecs stupid horse (Count Baldor x GFOTY Remix)
Sarahsson Perennium
Count Baldor Rid of All (feat. Count Baldor)
Lauren Duffus stir fry
Aaron Cartier goin outside
Count Baldor in 2 deep
Lil Texas Everybody
Abby Knok Knok Razor Dok
Shygirl LICK IT N SPLIT (feat. Shygirl)
DJ WHEY Apx No Baile
Mason Ramsey Boys x Famous
Alice Longyu Gao Rich B Juice (Count Baldor Remix)
Sophie L.O.V.E.
Dorian Electra Adam and Steve (Count Baldor Remix - Instrumental)
Caroline Polochek Ocean of Tears (umru Remix)
That Kid Kiss Me Thru the Phone
Dorian Electra Sorry Bro I Love You
Owl City Basket Case x Fireflies
Charli XCX Claws (Count Baldor Indie Version)
The Barcode Brothers Dooh Dooh
Folie Cortisol
Chloe Chaidez thousand miles
The Parliamentalist Raining Onions
Gupi Tricycle
Sunday 16th February 2020
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
Shabazz Palaces
9 / 21 Tracks
Stuart revisits the avante-garde and experimental hip hop duo?s 2011 debut Black Up.

Shabazz Palaces An Echo From the Hosts That Profess Infinitum
Shabazz Palaces Youlogy
Soft Machine Bundles
Pulled by Magnets Slow Shrouded Aisle
Timothy C. Holehouse Brno
Radio Massacre International Sci-Fi
Village Of The Sun Village Of The Sun
Roger & Brian Eno Celeste
DTB and ITTA Trembling Flower, Part 1
Shabaka and The Ancestors Go My Heart, Go To Heaven
Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom Wishes
Jockstrap Acid
Shabazz Palaces Swerve
Kai Whiston Glyder Fawr
Lydia Lunch Illusions Of Shameless Abundance (feat. Lydia Lunch)
Simon Fisher Turner and Edmund de Waal Breaking Emptiness
Misty's Big Adventure Atonement
Neu! Isu
Spirogyra Duke Of Beaufort
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs GNT (6 Music Session, 13th January 2020)
The 49 Americans Liberty
Saturday 16th November 2019
Diplo and Friends
Kai Whiston in the Mix
19 / 45 Tracks
Kai Whiston in the mix exclusively for Diplo and friends - only on 1Xtra and Radio 1.

Vince Staples Senorita
Oli XL Orchid Itch
Kai Whiston All Is Fair In Love and Kai Whiston
william crooks doingthangs
Kai Whiston Run It
Ouri Down
Kai Whiston All The Things She Said
Xeno ES2
Kai Whiston Stairway to Heaven
Air Max '97 All The Things She Said
Playboi Carti Magnolia (Lil Texas Remix)
Kai Whiston Blue Dots
Young Juvenile Youth In Blue (Yoshitaka Hikawa Remix)
Kai Whiston Your Secrets (VIP)
BABii Teef Chizzel
Rihanna Nothing is Promised (SOPHIE Edit)
Kai Whiston Catch
Young Thug Ecstacy (300)
Kareem Lofty Fr3sh (Kai Whiston Edit)
Bou Cat Woman
Sega Bodega ID
Kai Whiston Do Need It
Katt Hypertension
Bou Wine Ya B
Shygirl BB
Kai Whiston Do Need It (S280F Mix)
Lightning Bolt Tom Thump
Dasychira Sanctuary
Shygirl Beauts (Junglist Mix)
Kai Whiston Don't Need It
LOFT Funemployed
Fixate Ripgroove Refix
Kai Whiston Gylder Fawr
Master Joe Petersen Beautiful Losers (feat. Master Joe Petersen)
Sterfry Slug
Kai Whiston Holy Terrain
Matt Ox Zero Degrees
Injury Reserve Jailbreak The Tesla (umru Remix)
T1R Ouuu
Kai Whiston I Hear Chop Snares In These Willow Trees
Neana Yeezus 2 (umru 3 Edit)
John Object 6 God
Kai Whiston Passarela
Friday 25th October 2019
Tom Ravenscroft
with Gloo
18 / 41 Tracks
Tom chats to the production collective Gloo, who also provide this week's guest mix.

OOIOO Kawasemi Ah
Gantz Garam
Kai Whiston Run It
Overmono Le Tigre
Gloo Lamb
Angel Bat Dawid Destination (Dr. Yusef Lateef)
Pizzagirl Ball's Gonna Keep On Rollin'
Gloo Teef Chizzel
Kubebe Lagomar
BABii Hunted
Ryan Davis & Alex Banks Nightfall (Alex Banks Dusk Version)
Iglooghost Black Light Ultra
Land of Kush Trema
BABii Little Lockii
Scarlxrd Gxld
Iglooghost Sa Lu
Lung Dart AV Duet
BABii, Kai Whiston, Iglooghost Lamb
Shygirl BB
Iglooghost & Kai Whiston Lux 2
LYZZA Hellraiser XXX
Bill Orcutt The Sun and Its Horizon
Sig Nu Gris Gang Starr - Skills (Sig Nu Gris Fixation)
Iglooghost, Kai Whiston, BABii Lockii
M1L1T4RY G3N1U5 Focus
Dakim mellan
Ssiege Angelo Azzurro
Jacques Greene Stars
Mc Yallah x Debmaster Teba Kuda Mabega
Eartheater Supersoaker
Sudan Archives Black Dove (feat. Sudan Archives)
Joe Silence Percentages (feat. Joe Silence)
Myka 9 Me + Myka (feat. Myka 9)
ELWD Inside
WaqWaq Kingdom Hototogisu
Joy Jones and Mark de Clive-Lowe Steps Ahead
Oli XL Liquid Love
Fanatico Then
yuk. Ago
Kai Whiston For F*ck Sake
Saturday 2nd March 2019
Diplo and Friends
Robokid in the mix
19 / 32 Tracks
Robokid in the mix exclusively for Diplo and friends - only on 1Xtra and Radio 1

New Radicals You Get What You Give
Third Eye Blind How's It Going To Be
Fine Young Cannibals She Drives Me Crazy
INOJ Love You Down
Del the Funky Homosapien If You Must
Phil Collins Sussudio
Vera Hotsauce One Time
Grimes Phone (Unicorn Kid Remix) (feat. Grimes)
Robokid Fake Love
Yung Lean Ghost Face x Shyguy
Robokid Dead2Me
Ayesha Erotica Eat It
Jim-E Stack Somebody
Robokid 17
Ayesha Erotica Dial Tone (feat. Slayyyter & Ayesha Erotica)
Kai Whiston All Is Fair In Love And Kai Whiston
Sega Bodega Cowgirl
Banoffee Ripe
Knapsack Lost In Translation
Shadi Fold 'Em x Silver Lake Reservoir (feat. Shadi)
Crime Mobb Run Up Get Done Up (Fluke Nukes Remix)
Lewis Grant Chemistry
Slayyyter Alone
Liz Last Call (Cz Remix)
SOPHIE 1,2,3 Dayz Up (feat. SOPHIE)
Disclosure Love Can Be So Hard
Dorian Electra Flamboyant
Palmistry Memory Taffeta
Tommy Cash Black Jeans, White T-Shirt
Travis Bickle Luv & Tv
George Canton Never Late Again
Ravenna Golden Gone
Saturday 8th September 2018
Diplo and Friends
Dylan Brady and Iglooghost
13 / 61 Tracks
Diplo and friends exclusively in the mix, this week with Dylan Brady and Iglooghost

Sublime Waiting For My Ruca
Iglooghost Black Light Ultra
Big Jaw
Kai Whiston All Is Bin
Dylan Brady Chicken Butt
Ravenna Golden Nightcore
Iglooghost Mei Mode
Kai Whiston Brooklyn Beckham
Dylan Brady Ice Mtn
Sega Bodega Untitled (feat. Sega Bodega)
100 gecs Bloodstains
Iglooghost New Vectors
BLNTSMK Pile Up (Dylan Brady Remix)
Kai Whiston Drippin In Gold
Dylan Brady Will You Look For Me When You Need Someone
Sega Bodega Drain Shrine
100 gecs Dog Food (Reed Punk Teeth Remix)
Iglooghost Namā
Calvin Boy
Kai Whiston Catch
Dylan Brady Yellow Curtain (Outro)
Sinjin Hawke How We Rock
Aaron Cartier Money on Deck
Iglooghost Sa Lü
Daisy 711 Drone (feat. Daisy)
Kai Whiston I Just
Dylan Brady & Ravenna Golden Everything Sucks (Remix ) (feat. Dylan Brady & Ravenna Golden)
Aaron Cartier Cartierology
Iglooghost Niteracer
Dylan Brady Dammit (Blink-182 Cover)
Kai Whiston Yeah
Dylan Sanchez Bad Things (Gods Plan Cover)
The Outfield Your Love (Dylan Brady Remix)
Babii LiiFE
Iglooghost 珊瑚
Dylan Brady The Greatest
Lil West How Could I Know (feat. Lil West)
Glee Cast Total Eclipse of the Heart (Dylan Brady Remix)
Babii BRUiiSE
ItaloBrothers Colors of the Rainbow (Nightcore)
Dylan Brady No Cig_agathe
Mikey Joyce Mike's Theme
TV Pull Up
Halsey Now or Never (Dylan Brady Remix)
Kai Whiston With All The Smoke
Dylan Brady Seattle
Mikey Joyce Basshead
umru Popular (Dylan Brady Remix)
Iglooghost Clear Tamei
Babii VOiiD
Kai Whiston With It All
Dylan Brady 127 HRS in Bed
Night Lovell Do You Think I'm Mean (feat. Night Lovell)
Iglooghost Steel Mogu
Big C Thru
Kai Whiston Heel
Dylan Brady Take Me The Way I Am (Ingrid Michaelson Cover)
Pritty Georgia
Thursday 11th August 2016
6 Music Recommends
With Mary Anne Hobbs
5 / 12 Tracks
Beautiful new music of every texture, colour and origin.

serpentwithfeet Blisters
Trim 13th Apostle
Douglas Dare Doublethink
Katie Gately Tuck
Jenny Hval Conceptual Romance
Zomby Thaw
Kai Whiston Threads & Strings
Pearson Sound Tsunan Sun
Quays Your Eyes (feat.. Lewis Rainsbury)
Randomer & Hodge Second Freeze
Gaika 3D
Thursday 31st March 2016
6 Music Recommends
With Mary Anne Hobbs
3 / 10 Tracks
Beautiful new music of every texture, colour and origin.

Nils Frahm Vice Versa
TRIM & Nico Lindsay Another One
Brian Eno The Ship
Ólafur Arnalds Study For Generative Piano (i)
Mark Pritchard Beautiful People (feat.. Thom Yorke)
Lamont Titanic
BE Into (Live at Nottingham Arts Theatre)
Daymé Arocena Stuck
Kai Whiston Spick & Span
Jordan Raf Paying Now