Playlists with tracks by Jessica Mayer

Tuesday 21st August 2018
Late Junction
Verity Sharp with Rita Ray
8 / 15 Tracks
DJ, broadcaster and African music specialist Rita Ray joins Verity in the studio

Jessica Mayer Noindeh
Paddy Steer A Badger's North
Pierre Kwenders Woods of Solitude
1/2H 1/2W Night Quarry
Roger Robinson Ashes To Fire
Étoile de Dakar Thiapathioly
Rothko One Million Drops Of Death In The Seas
Belton Sutherland Blues #2
Sam Sweeney The Battle Of The Somme
Gaika Seven Churches For St Jude
Tribes Of Europe DUSSKSONG
Harry Partch Archytas' Enharmonic (Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales)
Hekla Muddle
Hildegard von Bingen The Clouds Are Grieving (Our King Is Swift - Rex Noster Promptus Est)
Ibaaku Processhun
Tuesday 5th July 2016
Late Junction
Nick Luscombe with Gideon Coe
6 / 17 Tracks
Adventures in music, ancient to future: Nick Luscombe is joined by broadcaster Gideon Coe.

Morgan Delt I Don't Wanna See What’s Happening Outside
M. Craft Midnight
Grethe Agatz Ekkoleg
Glenn Branca Sym. No. 1, Movement 4
impLOG Holland Tunnel Dive
Julien Mier Don't Doubt
Jessica Mayer Gomikali Bak Borai
Yeah Yon Command Pool
Endgame Felony Riddim
nonkeen Glow
Andrew Morgan Evening Fireflies
B.A.Di Intègration
Test Dept. Shockwork (John Peel Session, 1983)
Roy Harper North Country (Peel Session, 1974)
The Library of Babel Branching
30 Pounds of Bone Farewell to Grog
Nimzo-Indian Spring Cleaning