Playlists with tracks by Jakebob

Friday 20th November 2020
Sir Spyro
18 / 46 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Tempa T Next Hype
Dash Mannerz Bandz (Free Smoke)
Killa P Crow Dub
Sickman My Yout
Amia Brave Peng Black Girls
Dexplicit Exodus
Lady Shocker Shaolin
Silas 4X4 Breakbeat
Axel Jackson Pogo Riddim
Direman Ice Climbers (feat. Frostar & Direman)
Lioness Karma (feat. Lioness)
Sir Spyro Running Their Mouth (feat. Flowdan & Sir Spyro)
Big Zuu Back It (feat. Big Zuu)
Dizzee Rascal Dub
Manga Saint Hilare Safety In Numbers
Skelecta Goosebumps
Boy Better Know Goin'In
Double S Shut Ya Mouth (feat. Yhunga, Narst & Double S)
Mic Ty Gabriel
Skepta IC3 (feat. Skepta)
Bruza Doin' Me
Endz From Da Endz
Nu Brand Flexx Gash By The Hour
Teddy Westcoast
Chip Ignite
HeavyTrackerz Raise Your Glass (Remix)
P Jam Funky Nandos
Coco Tracksuit Flow
Preditah Donkey Kong
10D ID (feat. 10D)
Crafty893 Hail
Triggz Likkle Fish (feat. D Double E & Triggz)
Jakebob Meridian Hymn Team
Roll Deep When Im Ere
22 MCs Lockdown Riddim 2 (feat. 22 MCs)
Crossy ID
Trim Yardman
Jammer The Jerk Man
Rude Kid Narcos
Against All Odds Serious 2020
Dapz On The Map 100 Degrees
Kid D Godly
Saule Affliction
Alias Ska
Friday 28th August 2020
Sir Spyro
The Best In Grime
24 / 60 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

P Money Slang Like This
Newham Generals Hard
Dizzee Rascal Stop Dat
Jammer Murkle Man
Maxwell D Serious
Master Stepz Melody
Low Deep Straight Flush
So Solid Crew 21 Seconds
Stormzy Big For Your Boots
Footsie Finesse
Snoopa Outlaw (feat. Snoopa)
Kano Pow 2011 (feat. Jme, Wiley, Chip, Face, P Money, Ghetts & Kano)
Wiley When I'm Ere Remix
Monkstar Biggerman (feat. Monkstar)
Bossman Birdie Side By Side (feat. Big H & Bossman Birdie)
Frisco True To Me (DJ Target Dubplate) (feat. JME & Frisco)
Killa P Skeng (feat. Flowdan & Killa P)
Yizzy Pilot
Moonchild Sanelly Mozambique (feat. JayKae & Moonchild Sanelly)
Bxks Packed In
Gappy Ranks What We Do (feat. Low Deep, Twista, Lethal Bizzle & Gappy Ranks)
Spooky Haunted Joyride Freestyle
Kozzie I'm Back
Youngsta Pulse Y
Mos Wanted Star Wars
Chip L.L.L.L. (LOVE LIFE LIVE LARGE) (feat. Chip)
Giggs Knock Your Block Off (feat. Giggs)
Crossy Box Clever
Giggs Where & When (feat. Giggs)
Tempa T Out The Box
Lyrical Strally Borrow & Lend
D Double E Colours (feat. Ghetts & D Double E)
Heartless Crew Superglue The Theme
The Ends Are You Really From Da Endz
Macca Back at It
Rapid Frequency
Hit Man S.H.E.L.L
Tintz Final Path
Razor Racks
DJ Narrows Saved Soul
Jakebob Sutton
Tommy B No Dramas
12omo Lamb Neck Soup
Shizz McNaughty For Your Breakfast
Tre Mission Orphan Black
Merky ACE Live
Badness In a de Ghetto
Elf Kid Chattin (feat. Dee Jillz & Elf Kid)
Sir Spyro Blacked Out
Jorja Smith On My Mind (Grime Remix)
Treble Clef Ghetto Kyote (1XSS)
Mez R9's Haircut
Big Shot Licence To Stomp VIP
FFSYTHO Target and Aim
Sirus Grouch
JOSOSICK Anyway Riddim Freestyle
Trends Red Stripe
Mic Of Course Pride And Ego
Black Opps Hoods Up
Friday 14th August 2020
Sir Spyro
The Best in Grime
14 / 53 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Irah Killstreak
Stogey A Matter Of Timing
Merky ACE Ruffs The New Buff
Riko Dan High Power
Champion Multiply
Ironsoul Destruction
TALLIFAH Keep Up Freestyle (feat. TALLIFAH)
MEZ Babylon Can't Roll
Royal Warning (feat. Bruza, Tinie Tempah, Mz Bratt, Badness, Devilman & Royal)
Crossy Box Clever
J.S.D Fall For You
Tintz Mad Ant Dub
Moonchild Sanelly Mozambique (feat. JayKae & Moonchild Sanelly)
Scorch Too Much
D Double E Spyro Dub (March)
Jah Digga Council Pop
Tommy B No Dramas
Mystry New Scars
Shorty Prophecy (feat. Shorty)
Devilman Dub
Jakebob Sutton
Trends Red Stripe
Nasty Crew Girls Love Nasty
Shxdow Final Boss
Eyez Boxing Bars
K9 No Hook
Vader Sunday Mawnin
Numa Crew We Nuh Tek Riddim
Sir Drifter Dub
Faultz No Restoring Man
Lewi B Slappy
Vital Techniques Suh Yuh Gwarn
Ossa Champion Riddim
Skepta Sniper
Filthy Gears Infinity Loop
Lollingo Barz 2
P1 Caps Hadouken Dub (1XSC)
Blay Vision Blay FM (french montana riddim)
Gesher Untitled Dub
Sox Do my job
Loon Humid
PK Flow Sensei
BMD North Weezy (Spyro Dub)
Giggs Man Don't Care (feat. Giggs)
Spitz Haunted Joyride Riddim
Maxwell D Anthem (feat. Maxwell D)
President T Round the twist
Bomb Squad B.O.M.B
Heavytrackerz Sauvage
Splurt Diablo Red Hot (Sir Spyro Remix)
Maxwell D I'm from a Place (feat. Maxwell D)
Red Boy G
Boy Better Know Skanking Ting
Thursday 25th June 2020
Radio 1's Soundsystem with Toddla T
Timma T Guest Mix
22 / 44 Tracks
Birmingham DJ and Producer, Timma T, in the guest mix.

Burning Spear Marcus Garvey
D Double E Like This
Gantz Free Focus (Commodo remix)
DJ Naughty Firepower
Moonchild Sanelly Bashiri
Ticklish & Qnoe Hardspots
Buju Banton Batty Rider (Terror Danjah Remix)
DJ Polo Moth On The Wall
Nadine Sutherland Waggonist
Timma T Brum BBQ
Buju Banton Blessed
DJU DJU Posso Te
Newham Generals Hard (Lupo 2020 Re-Fix)
Timma T Lua
Drizilik Move Right (feat. Drizilik)
NSG Samba
Tony Matterhorn Teachings Of Marcus
Che Lingo Spaghetti
Selecta J-Man Junglist Badboy (Born On Road Dub)
Unknown Artist Movin On
Cimm Black Boxes
Ghost Habit
Shadez The Misfit 2B3
Wantigga The Hustler
Coloured Suffering
Grim Sickers Maggy
Sham Steele Know Me
Wayne Marshall Cane Fields
Jakebob Revelation
Shneice Love Me Right (feat. Shneice)
Aitch Ride & Clutch Pt. 2 (feat. Unknown T, JB Scofield, M1llionz & Aitch)
Zensat Chamando Voce (LXKS Edit)
Local Bring Along
Skip Marley No Love
Alewya Sweating
Dark Angel Turn Ya Lights On (Champion Sound Remix) (feat. Dark Angel)
Snowy Begun
AntsLive Brown Liquor
Deema Rat Race
MIST Buzz (Remix) (feat. MIST)
Spitz Haunted Joyride Riddim
Blue Caraniho BaileNextDoor
Friday 19th June 2020
Sir Spyro
11 / 57 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Dizzee Rascal Round We Go
Tinchy Stryder Something About Your Smile
Filthy Gears Infinity Loop
Skepta Reggae
Kyeza Garage Farda
Capo Lee Dub
Flippy Smalls Good to Go Missy (BOOTLEG)
Sox Do my job
Lady Leshurr Block & Delete (feat. Lady Leshurr)
Razor Racks
CASisDEAD Restless Jack (feat. CASisDEAD)
Frisco Extra
Sticky Tales Of The Hood (feat. Sticky)
Low Deep Cheeky Violin
RD Through The Window
Crafty 893 Get Down
Sticky Triplets 3
Maxwell D I'm from a Place (feat. Maxwell D)
remtrek Novicane (feat. remtrek)
D'COY Barbarian
Ghetts Ghetto 'n' Slix
TALLIFAH Keep Up Freestyle (feat. TALLIFAH)
Merky ACE Stageshow Riddim
Riko Dan Come On
DaVinche Gotta Man Instrumental
Jakebob Sutton
Tempa T Eskimo Dance
Mez Woke Up
Riko Dan Dead That
Devilman Dub
Jammer Lyrical Vet
Terminator Tinted 05
Mic Ty Dub
Rude Kid Dub
Dizzee Rascal H*e Remix
Jammer Pop No Style
MiM Dirty Cash (Wiley Remix) (feat. MiM)
Agent X I Need Your Love
Scorcher Flyboy (feat. Scorcher)
Jammz Jackie Chan
Wong Williams Chinese Rasta
Monkstar Grime God
BADDNESS Unity (Grime Originals)
DJ Dubplate Mex Slow Murder
Shut Up and Dance Action
Yizzy Raise Your Glass (feat. Wiley, Realz, Jammz, Manga Saint Hilare & Yizzy)
Novelist Stop Killing The Mandem
Boy Better Know Skanking Ting
DJ Sticky Golly Gosh
Silkie Girlfriend Story REMIX
Kozzie I'm Back
Buggsy French Montana Riddim
Friday 8th November 2019
Sir Spyro
SOTV from Jay Eye
5 / 44 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Wiley 6 In The Morning
Dizzee Rascal Krimes
MJK Evil Set Drumsemble (Hermz Remix VIP)
Mez R9's Haircut
President T Can't Have That (feat. President T)
Killa P Nightmare
Polonis 005
Nasty Jack S.U.N (Sir Spyro clean)
D.O.K Stomptized
Wizzbit Breakdown
M.J.K. Gunshot Bongo
PK Flow Sensei
Nasty Jack Run It Up
Wookie Hype Up
IMP Batch Gype Riddim (Dexplicit Remix)
Jammz French Montana Riddim
Jay Eye Belly Of The Beast (feat. J Dot & Jay Eye)
Sir Drifter Dub
Jakebob Sword Clash
Buggsy French Montanna riddim
Rapid Frequency (1XSC)
Maniac N.Y.E
Streema Pengaleng Instrumental (feat. Streema)
Mayhem NODB French montana riddim
D Double O Forward 2
Polonis 9 Milli Meel
M.J.K. 4.2k
Blay Vision Blay FM (french montana riddim)
Badness No1 Ever Cared (feat. Badness)
Spooky No Remix
Bowzer Mike Myers (feat. Lady Leshurr, Remtrex & Bowzer)
Logan Like Me
Jammer No Questions
Skepta DTI Remix
Donni Rampage Polonis Dubplate
Nerva DUB (Leberin prod)
Wiley I Will Not Lose Remix
DaVinche Gottaman (Spooky Remix)
P Money Shh Hut Yuh Mout
Reece West Final Lap
Low Deep Catz
Lolingo Reload Bars Instrumental
Dan Rico High Power
Wednesday 24th April 2019
DJ Target
15 / 38 Tracks
Target has 1Xtra's ultimate guide to new music.

Jakebob Whirly Dub
Ryan De La Cruz SYKO
Tofz Spirit
Big Zuu Say No
James BKS Ma Wakanda
SBK Nang
Young T & Bugsey Again
Cardi B Clout (feat. Cardi B)
Jevon Lights
Scrivs Element
D.O.K Spiteful
Jhutts Smoke
Scrivs Shift
DJ Wonder What (AS.IF.KID Remake) Dub
Lil TJay Slide
Slimzee Toilet Roll
Ezra Collective Quest For Coin
Lolo Zouaï Caffeine
Smokepurpp Repeat
Flowdan London In The Rain (feat. Flowdan)
Megan Thee Stallion Sex Talk
Spooky Waifer (Size 10 Refix)
Footsie Scars (Remix)
Murkage Dave Easy Looking (feat. Murkage Dave)
Syd Do U Wrong
21 Savage Enzo (feat. Gucci Mane, Offset & 21 Savage)
Garna Magic Wand
Not3s Wanting
Taze Head Shoulders
A2DAGEE Warrior (Jakebob Bootleg)
Giggs My Town (feat. Giggs)
Olivia Nelson No Answer
TE dness Church (feat. TE dness)
Amber Mark Mixer
J Hus Daily Duppy
Owly Beats Faceplant
Tofz Saw
Audio Slugs Revamp
Wednesday 17th April 2019
DJ Target
City Focus: Leicester
11 / 39 Tracks
Target takes a deep look at Leicester's music scene with live performances.

Jafro Alone (feat. Jafro)
Owly Beats Faceplant
Unknown T MEAT
Astrixx Yeah Yeah (Leicester City Focus, 5 April 2019
Jakebob Whirly Dub
Rezz G Come Closer (City Focus Leicester, 5 April 2019)
Young T & Bugsey Again
Brookes Brothers Good Thing
Jhutts Smoke
Ro Jordan Excuse Me
Yxng Bane Rock Bottom (feat. Yxng Bane)
Bryson Tiller Wild Thoughts (feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller)
JUSTENE You And I (City Focus Leicester, 5 April 2019)
Scrivs Element
Curtis Clacey 2 Moods
Kelvyn Colt Down Like Dah
Scrivs Shift
D.O.K Spiteful
Khaled Siddiq Evil Eye
Slimzee Toilet Roll
DJ Wonder What (AS.IF.KID Remake) Dub
Lady Leshurr I've Gotta Be Me
Strizzy Struass How Ya Mean
Donae’o The Party's Over Here
Lloyd Luther Hiding In Plain Sight (Leicester City Focus, 5 April 2019)
Tierra Whack Unemployed
3robi Not My Dons (feat. Fredo, Lacrim & 3robi)
Footsie Scars (Remix)
Mahalia I Wish I Missed My Ex (1Xtra Live Lounge, 15 Aug 2018)
Tofz Saw
6LACK Imported (feat. 6LACK)
Garna Magic Wand
Morgan Munroe Mama Taught Me
Tofz Spirit
A2DAGEE Warrior (Jakebob Bootleg)
Jafro War Again
Naomi Cowan Climbing
Trillary Banks No Place Like Home (City Focus Leicester, 5 April 2019)
ADAL Grinding (feat. Harri Georgio & ADAL)
Friday 9th November 2018
Sir Spyro
11 / 50 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Swifta Beater M Sport
Giggs Pistol
Virgo Rebirth
Merky Ace What We Do (feat. Merky Ace)
D Double E Dem Man Dere
Halo Talk That Stuff Spyro Special
Wiley Being Broke
MistaKay Risky
Shorty Sekky (feat. Frisco & Shorty)
D Double E Trippin
J Amo Tyson Fury (feat. Grim Sickers & J Amo)
Yizzy Hype Ting
Mr X Think Twice
Silencer Badr
Darkos Strife Accelerate
Nasty Jack Gun Man
Snowy Hush Remix (feat. Izzie Gibbs, Neo & Snowy)
DOK New Bang (Instrumental)
JEB1 Lambeth Yardies
Nat Powers Mystery Riddim (Dub) (Instrumental)
Stana Grime
Dolla So Large
Jme Born On Your Own
OH91 Chuckie
star fox Duck
Esskay From The Dead
Jme Fall Off (feat. Jme)
PK Lyrical Thuggery (feat. PK)
Flirta D Free Up (1XSC)
K9 Major Problem
Rocks FOE 1001 (feat. Rocks FOE)
Big H We Run Tingz (feat. Big H)
Flowdan Shell A Verse
The Grime Violinist Grime Wire (feat. The Grime Violinist)
Kaz What I'm On
Rudekid Haunted
Bigga Man GrimeOrignal (BigaamanMix)
Footsie Outereville (feat. Footsie)
Tre Mission Subject Tango Down
Kruz Leone Lyricz and Bars
Scorpz Turnt (feat. Scorpz)
Capo Lee Roll Out (feat. Capo Lee)
Gesher Read Dead
Treble Clef Best Believe
Marcus Beatz Tom & Jerry
Scrufizzer Tell Them Again
Chip Shellington Crescent (feat. Chip)
Friday 10th August 2018
Sir Spyro
Sounds of the Verse with Esskay
12 / 28 Tracks
Esskay has this week's Sound of the Verse, plus Georgia from Bristol provides a Guest Mix.

Novelist Afro Pick
Top Dolla Room 808 (Instrumental)
Fliptrix Catch Banter
Outsider Armoury
Vision Crew Swimming In The Blue
Flowdan Shell A Verse
P Money Bar 4 Bar
Wiley Being Broke
Footsie Deuce
Rocks FOE 1001 (feat. Rocks FOE)
Jakebob Titan
Scampz Energy
Joker Boat
Sir Spyro Check
Lady Leshurr Don't Believe You
Sir Spyro Multiply
Logan Bars
Sox Accident
Brotherhood Million Views
Manga St Hilare F8REVER
Stogey Ninja Special (Sir Spyro Dub)
D Double E Intro (feat. D Double E)
Mez One Flow!
Sukh Knight Renegade
Darkness HS8
Mr X Think Twice
Tana Grime Garage
Deadly Nicholas Cage
Friday 20th July 2018
Sir Spyro
13 / 48 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Jme A Little Insight
Devlin Bad Day
TNT Nissi
Footsie Redrum
Wookie Dirty Beats
Mr X Think Twice
Sir Spyro Mussive
Darkness Crush (Instrumental)
Frisco Good Feeling
Yizzy Bap
Mr. Fidget Dub
Sparky Danger OMG
DaVinche Bump Dis
J-Sweet I Don't Feel Like Your Bars (Instrumental)
Mystry v
Sticky Detention
Dean Chohan What's The Point?
Jakebob Titan
Nasty Jack King Kweffa
Sticky Dollar Sign
Jamakabi Wickedest Ting
Novelist Afro Pick
Stimpy Remember Me
DJ Garna Elastik
Jay0117 M4
P Jam Nandos Riddim
Talifah Straight Bars
DJ Narrows Saved Soul
Random Dready All For One (Instrumental)
Teddy Bruckshot Finish Him
DJ ODDZ Give It To Me
Jme Nowhere (feat. Jme)
Reece West Reece West Sounds of the Verse
C Cane Facts (Dub)
DOK Road Sweeper
Terror Danjah FFS Why Though
M.I.A. Pull Up The People (D'Explicit Remix)
Reece West Walk On Water
C4 Block & Delete
Esco DTI
maNga The (feat. maNga)
Scrufizzer Hi
Chip Consistent
Flowdan Shell A Verse
Wiley We Ain't Havin' It (feat. Wiley)
Melvillous Turnz N Twists (feat. Melvillous)
Sir Spyro Do It
Crafty 893 Goods
Wednesday 1st November 2017
Annie Nightingale
Logan Sama sits in
8 / 81 Tracks
Brand new mixes from Spooky and Boylan.

Boylan Norman Bates (Spooky Refix)
YGG Lyca
Murkage Dave Every Country (feat. Murkage Dave)
D Double E Shenanigans
R. Marney Banshee
Garna Traumatised
Big Zuu Builders
Spooky Grime Slime
Boylan Dark Knight
Yizzy Radio Danger
Mystry Day After
D.O.K Tiger Style
Riko Dan Dutty Harry (feat. Riko Dan)
Haggi Jaws
Black Cowboys Reaxshun
Stormzy Ask Flipz (feat. Stormzy)
Bugzy Malone The Walking Dead Riddim
Newham Generals Stronger
Dallen Hellraiser
Riko Dan Krueger (feat. Riko Dan)
Iron Soul By The Sword
Boofy Graveyard Shift
Sukh Knight Crystal Skull
C4 On The Fence
Nuboid Underpass
Digital Mystikz Haunted (Spooky refix)
Rocks FOE Fight The Good Fight
Jakebob Baddaz VIP
Boylan Untitled
The Darker the Shadow the Brighter the Light Open The Till (feat. Ghetts & The Darker the Shadow the Brighter the Light)
Captain Area 55
Oil Gang Murder One
Distorted Minds Mr Happy (Spooky refix)
Silas Bounce
JL SXND7RS Silent Hill
Boylan Devils Belly
Trends Dun Know
Captain G Trap
P Money We Don't Play (feat. P Money)
Donae’o Family (feat. Donae’o)
Sir Drifter Grind & Stack
Jon E Cash Kettle (Boylan Remix)
Boylan They Mostly Come At Night (Slimzos Recordings)
Trends Boylan Normal Bates
Caspa The Nothing
PK Galavanting
Dubzta Dead
Sir Hiss Scary Face
V.I.V.E.K. Killa
Kano Dubplate Original (feat. Kano)
Boylan Syco Sid
Chip Avirex (feat. Neutrino & Chip)
Policy Plaza
Durrty Goodz Baga
AJ Tracey Blacked Out
Skepta Hypocrisy
Boylan Grid
Vortex Stars Freestyle
Kromestar Savage
Chronik 2 Cars (feat. Skepta, D Double E & Chronik)
Policy Catacombs
Faze Miyake Really & Truly
Alxzndr Eskilord
Slimzee No Cure
Boylan Normantize
Wiley Call The Shots
Krytikal Jumanji Riddim
Compa Skanna
Potentz Speaker Beater
Filthy Gears Armarda
As If Kid Judgement Day (Boylan Remix)
Slimzee Replicants
Boylan Overlook
YGG Fruit Salad
MEZ Magnum
D Double E Outsiders (feat. D Double E)
President T Spaceman (feat. President T)
Foamplate Quake Steppa
As.If Kid Judgement Day (Spooky Remix)
Spooky Swift Jaws