Playlists with tracks by Hanna Hartman

Saturday 2nd May 2020
New Music Show
Teeter-Totter and Crush
0 / 8 Tracks
Tom Service presents new music by Georges Aperghis, Hanna Hartman and David Fennessy

Santiago Díez Fisher if at first it sounded like rain
Steve Beresford At Home Session: Steve Beresford
Bernard Parmegiani Outremer for ondes martinet and electronics
David Fennessy Prologue (Silver are the tears of the moon)
Georges Aphergis Teeter-Totter
Hanna Hartman Crush
John Butcher Signal
Lawrence Dunn Ambling, Waking
Saturday 8th February 2020
New Music Show
London Contemporary Music Festival
1 / 10 Tracks
The best new music in live performance, plus interviews and features.

Richard Maxfield Perspectives for La Monte Young
Cosey Fanni Tutti Sophic Ripple (excerpt)
La Monte Young Poem for Chairs, Tables, Benches, Etc. (1960)
Alwynne Pritchard Heart of Glass
Rosemary Brown Grübelei ('Liszt')
Hanna Hartman Att Falla Grova Trad Ar Forknippat Med Risker
Chino Amobi The Failed Sons and Daughters of Fantasia
Heleen van Haegenbourgh Material Affordance
O YAMA O Improvisation
Cerith Wyn Evans .... )(
Saturday 14th December 2019
New Music Show
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
1 / 6 Tracks
Tom Service introduces highlights from the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Christine Sun Kim Deaf, not mute (extract)
Frank Denyer The Fish that became the Sun (Songs of the Dispossessed)
Hanna Hartman Central Heating
Lisa Streich Zucker
Owen Green Race to the Bottom
Spencer Topel Iced Bodies (extract)
Saturday 7th December 2019
New Music Show
2 / 15 Tracks
Tom Service introduces highlights from the 2019 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Olivier Messiaen Feuillet inedit No. 4
Li-Ying Wu Oiseaux Androïdes
André Jolivet Concerto Pour Ondes Martenot Et Orchestre
Olivier Messiaen Turangalila-Symphonie: Jardin du sommeil de l'amour
Ann Cleare on magnetic fields
Rodrigo Constanzo Solo Improvisation
Anonymous The National Anthem
Sarah Wéry Gang Bang
Baptiste Chatel Quatre
Zeena Parkins Charette
Charmaine Lee Smoke, Airs
Hanna Hartman Termite Territory
Ivan Fedele Breath and Break
Jonny Greenwood Where I End And You Begin
Leafcutter John Line Crossing
Saturday 30th November 2019
New Music Show
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
1 / 6 Tracks
Highlights from the 2019 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Ann Cleare eyam IV (pluto's farthest moons)
Claudia Molitor Auricularis Superior
Hanna Hartman Message from the Lighthouse
Heinz Holliger Increschantum
Isidore Isou Juvenal [Symphonie 4]
Omri Abram Zohar (Irridescence)
Saturday 23rd November 2019
New Music Show
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
2 / 10 Tracks
Kate Molleson hosts a concert live from the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Morton Feldman Intersection 3
Ann Cleare Teeth of light, tongue of waves
Evan Parker ElectroAcoustic Quartet
Frank Denyer Frog
Frank Denyer Woman, Viola and Crow
Hanna Hartman Horizontal Cracking In Concrete Pavements
Isidore Isou Ligne unique de Consonnes
Isidore Isou Recherché pour un poème en prose pure
Isidore Isou Si tu avais entendu le dialogue Amoureux de ces Fantomes
Morton Feldman Extensions 3
Saturday 30th March 2019
Hear and Now
Open Ear - cutting-edge new music performed in the round
4 / 13 Tracks
Open Ear concert from LSO St Luke's. LCO, Juliet Fraser, Native Instrument, Mire Benjamin.

Knut Nystedt Immortal Bach
Hanna Hartman Platmas
Na'ama Zisser Drowned in C
Native Instrument Improvisation
Amber Priestley ...and go ahead! Dare to be irrational
Rebecca Saunders O
Andrew Pekler Mirror structures (mirrored)
Tashi Wada Double body
Angélica Negrón This person
Cassandra Miller For Mira
David Fennessy Changeless and the changed
Kara-Lis Coverdale X 4EWI
Lisa Ilean A through-grown earth
Saturday 1st December 2018
Hear and Now
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
1 / 9 Tracks
Robert Worby and Tom McKinney present music from Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Aart Strootman Shambling emerge
Anna Meredith songs for the M8
Christian Marclay To be continued
Christian Marclay Investigations
Salvatore Sciarrino String Quartet No. 7
Supriya Nagarajan Canopy of Voices
Supriya Nagarajan Pleiades Ne Maia
Saturday 1st April 2017
Hear and Now
Cut and Splice 2017, Episode 2
0 / 9 Tracks
Recordings from the 2017 Cut and Splice festival, including Murat Colak and Lee Fraser.

Ana Dall'ara Majek Bacillus Chorus, Spatially diffused electroacoustic work, 2016
Hanna Hartman Dust Devils, Cut and Splice 2017 Commission (World Premiere)
Katherine Young bow breath crow (World Premiere)
Lee Fraser Reliq Ens, spatially diffused electroacoustic work
Lee Patterson Untitled
Murat Çolak A song sung together
Sabrina Schroeder Bone Games, for amplified ensemble, live-operated mechanics and electronics
Sam Salem The Great Inundation (World Premiere)
Sivan Cohen-Elias Hack, for two solo guitars (excerpt)
Thursday 22nd December 2016
Late Junction
A Late Junction Special with Jennifer Walshe
8 / 17 Tracks
Irish composer and vocal contortionist Jennifer Walshe is the guest presenter.

Carla dal Forno What You Gonna Do Now?
Horse Lords Truthers
Neidhart Mir ist ummaten leyde (I am grieved beyond all measure)
Doc Watson The Coo Coo Bird
Brian Whitman Radiant Bells
Matmos Very Large Green Triangles
Hanna Hartman Platmas
Robert Ashley Trouble
Musica Di Teisco White Gladiator
Paul De Marinis The Power of Suggestion
Pauline Oliveros A Love Song
Quentin Tolimieri Excerpt One The Castle of Dromore
Haruomi Hosono Hepatitis
The Church Universal and Triumphant Decree 10.05
Tomarahô Rituel Des Original Du Monde
Iva Bittová Ne Nehledej (Excerpt)
Mickey ‘Simi’ Doherty Jig learned off the fairies played on the fiddle
Saturday 9th January 2016
Hear and Now
London Contemporary Music Festival
0 / 5 Tracks
Recordings from the London Contemporary Music Festival, plus new music by Christopher Fox.

Andrew Hamilton Music for people who like art
Øyvind Torvund Untitled School/Mud Jam/Campfire Tunes
Christopher Fox The Red Studio (World Premiere)
Dieter Schnebel Maulwerke
Hanna Hartman Mezcal no. 8