Playlists with tracks by Gudrun Gut

Wednesday 20th February 2019
Late Junction
Desert rock and Sir James MacMillan
12 / 18 Tracks
Verity Sharp goes on a musical adventure of genre juxtaposition.

Steve Reich It's Gonna Rain
Eiko Ishibashi Iron Veil
Saloli Barcarolle
Gudrun Gut Musik
Sarah-Jane Summers Blether (Bladra)
Ian Vine Still Piece I
Sarah-Jane Summers The Spey Wife (Spåkone)
James McMillan A Child's Prayer
Jessica Pratt Crossing
Wacław Zimpel Breathing Etude
Jim Jarmusch The Two Paths
Kamala Sankaram Keeping The Look Loose
Kel Assouf Fransa
Modern Nature Supernature
Angelo De Augustine Tomb
Paisiel Cause Yourself To Rise, Gong
Christina Kubisch Schall Und Klang
Quelle Chris My Contribution To This Scam
Thursday 3rd January 2019
Late Junction
Helena Hauff?s mixtape
9 / 21 Tracks
A mixtape from Hamburg techno legend, musician and DJ Helena Hauff

Meredith Monk Gotham Lullaby
The Noise Eating Monsters Wire Song
Das Mineralorchester Hexen
Nadah El Shazly Enlevez Les Trottoirs, Je N'ai Plus Nulle Part Ou Me Rendre
Vladimir Ussachevsky Untitled
Saucējas Kiokuj, Uoru Zagiuzeite
John Bender Meat
Nobuntu Hossana
Freakthemachine Panzerkreuz 1035
Gudrun Gut Are You Hungry
The Kings of Frog Island In Memoriam
Helena Hauff Primordial Sludge
Friendsound Childsong
Stringtronics Mindbender
Mike Steiphenson Dreams
Que Vola Calle Luz
Chico Mello Dança
Leyla Mcalla Lavi Vye Neg
XVARR Quasi-Hypnotic
Helena Hauff Entropy Created You And Me
Yusef Lateef Lowland Lullabye
Thursday 15th November 2018
Late Junction
A Windrush collaboration session
4 / 14 Tracks
A session with Anthony Joseph, Jason Yarde, Hannah Catherine Jones and Dennis Bovell

Third Ear Band Water
Gudrun Gut Baby I Can Drive My Car
Ayanna Witter-Johnson Earth
Dennis Bovell A name for everything
Dennis Bovell ...from buildings that were burning
Dennis Bovell Ella, she had drowned
Dennis Bovell Macka Dimweh
Navid Afghah Goriz Paiy
Jerusalem in My Heart Thahab, Mish Roujou', Thahab
P.A Tremblay Bucolic and Broken
Archie Shepp & Kahlil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio Brother Malcolm
Blackwater Woodstock
Malaria! Your Turn To Run
Cathy Lucas Chatterscope
Friday 8th June 2018
Nemone's Electric Ladyland
Hear Her Day with Nemone's Electric Ladyland, featuring Roisin Murphy and Chloe
16 / 38 Tracks
All female special featuring an interview with Roisin Murphy and a special mix from Chlo.

Lamb I'm Better (feat. Lamb)
Moloko Pure Pleasure Seeker
ESG Dance
Peaches I Mean Something
Stealing Sheep Apparition
Gwen Guthrie Ain't Nothing Going On But The Rent
Kelis Jerk Ribs
LoneLady Groove It Out
Björk Alarm Call (Radio Mix)
Fantastic Twins Shake it
Peggy Gou Shero
Gudrun Gut Frei Sein
Laura Jones Pathway
Emika Close
Ellen Allien Call Me
The Black Madonna He Is The Voice I Hear
Renu To The Mountain
MC Lyte Cold Rock A Party (Bad Boy Remix - Radio Edit)
Pillow Person Kitchen
Delia Derbyshire Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO
Vera Blue Lady Powers (Maya Jane Coles remix)
Ani Glass Geiriau
Smerz Because
Delia Derbyshire Dance From Noah (Stereo Mix)
Alain Chamfort Androgyne (Original Mix) (feat. Alain Chamfort)
ellen o Uneven
Λένα Πλάτωνος Bloody Shadows from Afar
Fever Ray To The Moon And Back (Radio Edit)
Mélanie De Biasio The Flow (Radio Edit)
Róisín Murphy Illumination (feat. Róisín Murphy)
C.A.R. Cholera (Anna Lann Remix)
DJ Rap Stories From Around the World
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith When I Try I'm Full
Róisín Murphy Plaything (edit)
rRoxymore Mycetozoa
Massey & Paulette Sheroes
Róisín Murphy Scratch That (feat. Róisín Murphy)
Louisahhh Is Vic There? (Chloé remix) (feat. Louisahhh)
Friday 30th March 2018
Nemone's Electric Ladyland
With Boiler Room
10 / 21 Tracks
Gabriel Szatan from Boiler Room co-hosts for an hour, sharing some key tracks.

Flying Lotus Massage Situation
Jam & Spoon Stella
Steve Hauschildt Already Replaced
Cluster & Eno Schöne Hände (Aster's Howl of Ivory Edit)
Neil Cowley Trio Death of Amygdala (Christian Löffler Remix)
DJ Taye 2094
Sports Casual Interplanetary Jazz (DJ Fett Burger's Grazy Slope in Saalbach Mix)
Flava D Soul Shake
The Black Dog Solipsism
Gudrun Gut Move Me
The Books Take Time
Hieroglyphic Being The Red Notes
The Deepthroat Choir Hey Sister
Jaguar Woman DR1-1
The Equals New Lover
Upsammy Another Place
Les Syndicat Electroniq The Men Who Killed The Beat
Anja Schneider Signs
Major Force The Re-return of the original Artform (Cut Chemist Remix)
Claptone In The Night (MK remix)
Mkwaju Ensemble Tira Rin
Thursday 2nd November 2017
Late Junction
Verity Sharp
2 / 16 Tracks
Verity Sharp puts a hand into her record bag, and plays whatever comes out.

Hildegard von Bingen Spiritus Sanctus Vivificans
The Borborygma Ensemble Clytemnestra
Andy Bole Yellow Crow
Gudrun Gut Sirens Call (feat. Gudrun Gut)
Cormac Begley Reels - Yellow Tinker / Ríl Mhór Bhaile An Chalaidh
Nanna Bech AquaSonic (live extract): Breaking the Surface
Makaya McCraven Left Fields
Les Diaboliques Uncle Peter
Caroline Kraabel LAST (extract)
Martin Hayes Quartet Monasteraden Fancy
Kries Dodole
Irreversible Entanglements Fireworks
KNOWER Overtime (Live Band Session)
Elvin Brandhi Duet
Steve Byrnes Bulgarian Set
Fink Resurgam
Wednesday 9th March 2016
Late Junction
Wednesday - Verity Sharp
11 / 18 Tracks
Verity Sharp presents a varied late-night selection of music.

London Steve Reich Ensemble Piano Counterpoint
Gudrun Gut Protecting My Wildlife
Monkey Plot Undertiden
Jim & Bob, The Genial Hawaiians The Hula
Eyebrow Blind Summit
Sufjan Stevens Death With Dignity
Rhiannon Giddens Up Above My Head
Faustus Banks of the Nile
Henry Purcell Now Does the Glorious Day Appear
Kunbe Mbe Taala So
Allen Ravenstine Dry Bones
Allen Ravenstine The Pharoah's Bee
Rob Harbron & Emma Reid Great Uncle Henry - Waiting for Rain
Giacinto Scelsi Pfhat (excerpt)
Tonganyana Aurelio Kowano Uta rungula wamamene lekaya
L'Orchestre de Mont Plaisant Végétation
Akayevi Dance Group Nyeya nedo ko loo!
múm Time To Scream and Shout
Wednesday 12th March 2014
Late Junction
Wednesday - Anne Hilde Neset
5 / 11 Tracks
Anne Hilde Neset with Laurie Anderson, by Oliver Coates and the Undisputed Truth.

The Pop Group Savage Sea
Gudrun Gut Garten
Laurie Anderson Big Science
The Undisputed Truth You Make Your Own Heaven and Hell Right Here on Earth
Maurice Ravel Valses nobles et sentimentales for piano; Assez lent -
Jac Berrocal Rock'N Roll Station
Oliver Coates Entropy 1
Some Truths Too Much Bone In Your Skull
Susanna Wallumrd This Place
Thomas Brinkmann Maschine
Diane Cluck Sara
Friday 31st August 2012
6 Mix
Matthew Dear in the mix
7 / 22 Tracks
Matthew Dear takes to the decks to play some of his musical inspirations and favourites.

Light Asylum Shallow Tears
Matthew Dear Intro
Cluster So Ney
Sei A You Can Bring (Axel Boman Remix)
Frank Hebly Tuinslangboogie
Darling Farah Forget It
Darling Farah Aaangel
Perc Before I Go
David Lynch Ghost of Love
Deadbeat Yard
Sonny Fodera What I Think
Fantastic Man Sanctuary
Taragana Pyjarama Tipped Bowls
Teengirl Fantasy Motif (Actress Mix)
Gudrun Gut Simply The Best (Thomas Fehlman Flowing Remix LR)
Terrence Dixon Fountain of Life
Gudrun Gut Simply The Best (Version RR by Thomas Felhmann)
The Field It's Up There (Blondes Mix)
Jon McMillion T-Station
The Field Then It's White (Mohn Mix)
Tom Demac Four Leaves Right
Matthew Dear Her Fantasy (Poolside Mix)