Playlists with tracks by Georgia Sea Island Singers

Wednesday 31st October 2018
Late Junction
Songs about death, haunting and passing over
8 / 18 Tracks
Songs about death, haunting and passing over for All Hallow?s Eve.

The Velvet Underground The Black Angel's Death Song
African Head Charge Over The Sky
Coil The First Five Minutes After Death
KOKOKO! Likolo
Diamanda Galás Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down
Georgia Sea Island Singers O Death
Émerante de Pradines Legba Na Console
Saron Luang Alit Semara Dahana Nila Pati
Robbie Basho Death Song
Áine O'Dwyer Mrs O'Learys Keen
Sun Ra Arkestra All In The Realm Of Death
Bridget Hayden Buried
Ma La Pert You Could Still Die Then
Åke Hodell The Djurgårdsfärjan Ferry Across The Styx
Teresa Winter For Murder
Ava Rocha Joana Dark
Rudolf Eb.er How to Die (II)
Negro Leo Noite Invertida
Wednesday 26th October 2016
Late Junction
Verity Sharp with Shirley Collins
10 / 19 Tracks
Verity Sharp's special guest is folk singer Shirley Collins.

Shirley Collins Cruel Lincoln
Musafir Kalyo
Almeda Riddle Rainbow Mid Life's Willows
Robyn Hitchcock I Often Dream Of Trains
Ambrose Akinmusire Marie Christie
Nic Jones Master Kilby
Shirley Collins The Sweet Primroses
Janet Penfold Won't You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender
Shirley Collins Long Years Ago
Kaija Saariaho Pres 1.
Chaynes Transverberation
Codex De Robertsbridge Retrové (Estampie)
Francesca Más Torres M'agrada Collir Oliva (I like to pick olives)
Georgia Sea Island Singers Moses, Don't Get Lost
Rozi Plain Long years Ago
Sapareva Banya Folk Group Vido Dva Vetra Veyat (Two Gales Are Blowing)
Michael Praetorius Dances From 'Terpsichore': La Bourrée
Ian Kearey Pretty Polly
Jony Easterby Mwyachen Afallon
Wednesday 19th October 2016
Late Junction
Fiona Talkington with a vocal special
9 / 17 Tracks
Fiona Talkington celebrates the human voice. Plus a new release by Padang Food Tigers.

The Trallaleri of Genoa La Partenza (The Parting)
Ella Jenkins Tah-Boo
Gazelle Twin Unflesh
The Mills Brothers Goodbye Blues
Meredith Monk Ellis Island
Ela Orleans Myriads
Komitas Tsirani Tsar
Alkibar Gignor Kaounare
Thurston Moore Blinded By Thought
Sigbjørn Apeland Barley A Breath In Your Parenthesis
Faustus The Deadly Sands
Lauren Newton Danced
Georgia Sea Island Singers You Better Mind
Iain Chambers Lewis Valentine
Gesualdo Mercé grido piangendo
Busi Mhlongo Oxamu (The Crocodile)
J.G. Biberkopf From Infinity to Here
Tuesday 20th August 2013
Gideon Coe
Jon Hillcock sits in, with The National in concert.
15 / 27 Tracks
The National in concert. Plus, sessions from Roxy Music, Rip Rig & Panic and Ian McNabb.

The Beatles Flying
Forest Swords The Weight Of Gold
Majical Cloudz Turns Turns Turns
The Aliens I Am The Unknown
The Sonics Money
Les Surfs Tu Seras Mi Baby
Logic System Unit
Sudden Death of Stars Supernovae
Tages Fantasy Island
Comet Gain Pier Angeli
Georgia Sea Island Singers Turkle Dove
John Holt I Can't Get You Off My Mind
Running This Is A You Problem
Luke Temple Katie
Surf City NYC
Roxy Music Remake Remodel - BBC Session 04/01/1972
The National England - Glastonbury 2010
Roxy Music Sea Breezes - BBC Session 04/01/1972
The National Fake Empire - Glastonbury 2010
Hills The Vessel
Roxy Music Would You Believe - BBC Session 04/01/1972
Ryan Power Sweetheart
Pageants Words As Pictures
Rip Rig & Panic Blase - BBC Session 19/06/1982
Comet Gain Stripped
Rip Rig & Panic What Are The Toads Doing So Far From The Swap - BBC Session 19/06/1982
The National Blood Buzz Ohio - Glastonbury 2010