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Sunday 13th September 2020
Radio 1's Residency
Teki Latex
9 / 25 Tracks
Teki has a guest mix from Montreal's Martyn Bootyspoon.

0_0_0_0 Bare Minimum Requirements
Gary Mission Anz
Zenker Brothers Let Loose
AceMo ∑ Les Sins Can't Take It Anymore
Hudson Mohawke Vitalize
Zora Jones Revenge Of The Bitch
Against All Logic Penny
Kamran Destruction
Alex Falk Know
Laksa Fwd Ghosts
Anthony Parasole Bang
Leonce Predators†
Anz Loos In Twos (NRG)
Martyn Bootyspoon Dial Me 69
Dan Miles Push
Nathan Melja Commando†
De Grandi Untitled
Nightwave Mescalito
DJ Attack Burnin
NKC Codeine Crash
E-Unity Duo Road
Object Blue x TSVI Turing Machine†
foodman Fue
Oni Ayhun †Meets Shangaan Electro
Sunday 5th July 2020
Radio 1's Residency
Teki Latex
11 / 20 Tracks
Teki is back with a straight up club mix featuring music from Kush Jones, Walton and more.

Ceephax Acid Crew Life Funk
Djc East Coast
Walton Djembe
E-Unity Bob Laser
G3 Drum2 Peanut
Aleksi Peršlš NL-L56-19-08699
Galaxian Private Tyranny
Arca feat. Rosalia KLK
Grandmixxer Dunns River to Nile Valley
Arma Diffuhrent
Huey Mnemonic Hermitsio (Moma Ready remix)
Arma what track (ALT MIX)
Japanese Telecom Japanese Animation
Basile3 Body Glue
Kush Jones Reso
Odious Morph
Cocktail Party Effect Deerhorn
Pinch Accelerated Culture
DJ Haus Return 2 the Source
Realitycheck Big Sur
Friday 31st January 2020
Radio 1's Essential Mix
12 / 51 Tracks
Experimental electronic dance music from the forward-thinking dBridge.

Majid Jordan Her
Dan HarbarNam Dolby Centaur
The Best Dressed Kisser in LA Happy Goose
Forest Drive West FDW - 100 2b
Kellen303 Vital Signs
dBridge B12 Test
The Best Kisser in LA Hello Mainframe
Habitats Friends
Leftlow Green Eyes
dBridge Broadcast Pain
The Binary Collective Cloud Creeping
Heart Drive When Whispers
088 Exu
dBridge Emu Test
The Fear Ratio Captive
Human Resource Shaq Stem Edit
Alia Fresco Flawless (feat. Alia Fresco)
Roberto & Yelsha Auckland
dBridge Gen
They Lived The Ridgeway
INVT Sacred Space
Appleblim Vurstep (Forest Drive West Remix)
Sabrina Claudio Unravel Me
Trevino dB&T
dBridge Nachtlus (The Fear Ratio Remix)
J Chrysalis A Kind Robin
Burial Dark Untitled
Sansibar Targeted Individuals
Two Masks Scorch
dBridge TNS
Joe Seven Barkly
Cadans Soft Grimness
Sin Falta Diamonds
V.I.V.E.K. Slumdog
dBridge YRU
Joe Seven Caimen Test
Cienfuegoes False Prophets
Skee Mask Slow Music
Vegyn Blue Verb
dBRm The Third Room (Trevino Remix)
Joe Seven F Test
Consequence Belmont
SP:MC Test 7
Vegyn PLZ XX
Dolenz Dead That
Joe Seven NDT
Consequence Harpers Drum
Sun People To Give
Wun Render
E-Unity 3.6
Joy Orbison COYP
Friday 7th September 2018
Shanti Celeste, Alienata and Kneaded Pains
13 / 38 Tracks
Forward-thinking underground dance music.

Janet Jackson The Pleasure Principle
LFO Simon From Sydney
Moss Incognito 1
Differ-Ent I.M. Differ- Ent
John Daly Don't Ever Stop Loving Me
ThizOne Locusts Master
DJ Boring Exotic Feeling
Krystal Klear Neutron Dance (Fango Remix)
Throwing Snow Vulpine
Djrum Sex
Amandra Pimpenelle (Rod Remix Two)
Tin Man Falling Acid
Dysart Tribaleee
Melodys Enemy From Nothing (feat. Melodys Enemy)
B. Traits Inside My Love
Torvvo Silica (Alternate)
E-Unity 3.6
Bell-Towers My Body is A Temple (Andras Remix)
Tripeo Zeitgeist
Eomac Kralle
OdD Tidal Wave
Billy Turner Amy's Peach
Volruptus Surmatur
Fraged Turn Me On
Otik Latex
Byron Burke String Section
Volte Face Plus Four ++++
Giant Swan The Plaque
RNXRX Holodeck Delusions
Calibre Snoopers Dub
Yuri Urano Knock
Herbert People That Make Music
Snuffo Coming Home Late (St Theodore Remix)
Delian League Orbitals
Jac The Disco Inversions (Lauer Remix)
Sonate Line Shape
Dense & Pika Casino (Truncate Remix)
Spin & Flow Universal Rhythm
Friday 1st December 2017
TRP, Beste Modus and a brand new Future 12!
3 / 86 Tracks
TRP goes B2B with B.Traits, Beste Modus Label Mates and Rod Malmok Future 12!

1800HaightStreet Flood
Perc Unelected (Dax J Remix)
Claro Intelecto Patience
Tiga Woke (Justin Cudmore Remix)
It's Thinking Afterglow
Albert Vogt On My Mind
Pyramid Lake Unravel
Das Ding Slash
Trilogy Evanescence (Man Power Remix)
It’s Thinking Afterglow
Alden Tyrell Covert
Rahsaan Nova Kokuijn
Diego Krause Gratitude
TRP Conscientious 
Joris Biesman Angry Baby (Man Power Remix)
Andre Crom Feel (Vox Mix)
Randomer If I Could Stop (Alden Tyrell & Serge Remix)
Digital PrinceZZ Climbin' Up The Sky
TRP Things Won’t Change
Maarten Mittendorff Stellar Cut (DVS1 Remix)
Anthony Parasole Hot Zone
Rod Malmok Backstabber
Duplex Dark Synthesis
TRP Conscientious
Marc Houle Sinister Mind (Chloe Remix)
Anthony Rother G.E. Miami Mix
Santiago Salazar Saturated Fear
E-Unity Morty
TRP Things Won't Change
Mark du Mosch UMing
Avatism They Should Have Sent A Poet
Secret Cinema I Can Feel It Rising
Egbert I Can Feel It Rising
Ushi333 Dolphin Spy
Michael Mayer Lout
Beatrice Dillon & Call Super Inkjet
Steve Bug For Men (and Women)
Youandewan Yo Tudlos
Fabio Monesi Marble Road
Nandu Another Jam (Another Acid Dub)
Bobby Pleasure Cloudspotting
stevn.aint.leavn Precious
Flexible Somersault
Paolo Rocco ill
Call Super Inkjet
Stratowerx Time Morph
Hodge & Randomer If I Could Stop (Alden Tyrell & Serge Remix)
Perc Unelected (Dax J Remix) 
Cinthie 4 the Ladies
Tapirus I Feel You
Im Kellar Im Kellar
Saturday 21st October 2017
The Tom Robinson Show
Tom Ravenscroft sits in
19 / 32 Tracks
Tom's unique mix of music.

Kiefer Tubesocks
Yagi Timelessness
Anderson .Paak Come Down
Aphex Twin Alberto Balsalm
Batsumi Moving Along
Chop Building Blocks
Karl Hector & The Malcouns Dege Dub
Visible Cloaks Wheel
Damu the Fudgemunk Never Be the Same
Dogs Living Room
Lapalux Shape Sharper
E-Unity Morty
Les Difficiles De Patron Ville Fe'm Confiance (Tropical Treats Edit)
Afro National Push Am Forward
E.E.K. El Bawaba
Maximum Joy White and Green Place (Extraterrestrial Mix)
AK/DK Modulaargh
foisey. Loanli
Not Waving Watch Yourself
Four Tet Planet
Oiseaux-Tempête Baalshamin
Homeboy Sandman America, the Beautiful
Shopping The Hype
Baba Sissoko,Bruno Xavier da Silva,Tristan Driesenaar Nyama Kala (feat. Baba Sissoko,Bruno Xavier da Silva,Tristan Driesenaar)
Jamire Williams The Fire Next Time
Tafi All Stars Deka Wor Wor
Jeals Up There
The Kondi Band Titi Dem Too Service
Beck Up All Night
Joe Tail Lift
Titus 12 Summon Luxo