Playlists with tracks by Deep Listening Band

Friday 11th September 2020
Late Junction
Subterranean Sounds
11 / 22 Tracks
Verity Sharp listens to the underground, tapping into the sounds beneath our feet.

Diamanda Galás Skotoseme
Fragile Self Influx In Flux
Sandra Crisp Mapping London's Subterranean Rivers
Group from Joban Coal miner's songs of Joban
Steve Earle & The Dukes Devil Put The Coal In The Ground
Kanako Horiuchi Hope
Afel Bocoum Penda Djiga
Laraaji This Too Shall Pass
Carla Boregas Linha D'Agua
Louis Killen The Coalowner And The Pitman's Wife
Chicago Underground Quartet Unique Spiral
Matthew Herbert We've Landed (Matthew Herbert's Absence Dub Remix)
Cinder Well From Behind The Curtain
Metadevice Hegemony of Homogeneity
Coober Pedy University Band Kookaburra
Natalia Paruz Another Earth
Deep Listening Band CCCC (Cistern Chapel Chance Chants)
Oshare TV Dobutsu Puzzle (feat. Oshare TV)
Patrick Farmer Brocket Hall Tree Roots Underwater
Emptyset Chislehurst Mine - Kent, England 02.11.12
Pepe Deluxé In The Cave
Thursday 17th January 2019
Late Junction
Headphones on for a binaural mix by Lucky Dragons
13 / 25 Tracks
Nick Luscombe wants you to don your headphones for a binaural mix by LA duo Lucky Dragons.

Lou Reed Street Hassle
Lucky Dragons Stereo Glitter
Hildegard Westerkamp Cricket Voice
Mark Fell A Stitch Outside Time
3:33 Doppler Compost
Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon Always A Floor
Mathias Goeritz Pocos Cocodrilos Locos (feat. Mathias Goeritz)
Alter Ego Two Circles
Jake Meginsky Seven Psychotropic Sinewave Palindromes
Sabiwa Wo de Shijian
Anton Eger HERb +++ gA
Julian Rohrhuber Number (Surreal Number)
Saskia Lankhoorn The Body Is An Ear
ASMRSoundSpace ASMR 3Dio Ear Peeling, Brushing Cleaning Latex Gloves - What Has Happened to Your Ears? (No talking)
LCO Improvisation On Four Sequences (Binaural Mix)
Astrid Sonne 00000
Cecilia López Música Mecánica para Chapas
Lucky Dragons Flake Jingle
Claire M Singer The Molendinar
Lucky Dragons Future Jail
David Tudor Neural Synthesis No. 7
Lucky Dragons Outside
Deep Listening Band Deep Hockets
Lucky Dragons Relax in a Hurry
Eartheater Curtains
Sunday 5th March 2017
The Listening Service
Deep Listening: Pauline Oliveros
3 / 12 Tracks
Tom Service explores deep listening, a practice created by composer Pauline Oliveros.

John Luther Adams Become Ocean
Chris Watson The Crossroads
Pauline Oliveros Bye Bye Butterfly
Pauline Oliveros / Ione Water Above, Sky Below (part 2)
Éliane Radigue Jetsun Mila
Pauline Oliveros and Seth Cluett Apple Box
Deep Listening Band Johina (2014)
Oliveros, Dempster, Panaiotis, Eckert CCCC (Cistern Chapel Chance Chants)
Oliveros, Dempster, Panaiotis, Eckert Lear
Oliveros, Dempster, Panaiotis, Eckert Nike
Oliveros, Dempster, Panaiotis, Eckert Geocentric
Pauline Oliveros To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of their Desperation
Tuesday 12th May 2015
Late Junction
Tuesday - Verity Sharp
9 / 21 Tracks
Verity Sharp with tracks by Bethany Porter, Dave Swarbrick and Teofilovic brothers.

Stina Nordenstam Murder in Mairyland Park
17 Hippies Hand Vorm Gesicht
Benjamin Britten The Evening Primrose (Five Flower Songs Op.47)
Jacaszek Kingdom
Hohka Luomalan Joonaksen polska
Dave Swarbrick Boadicea
Robert Schumann Traumeri
Simon Limbrick Abstract Three Electric
Deep Listening Band Geocentric
Philip Glass Song 3 from Iron Horse
Torupilli Jussi Trio Torupilli Jussi Lugu No. 21
Persiani Naquous
Trad Estonian Ai rudi-radi
John Potter Go schepfer aller dingen
Hsaing Waing orchestra Tethalaut tikwet leguin (Music for a rainbow)
Johanna-Adele Jüssi Jaan Karjuse Polka
Bethany Porter Salty Water
Heitor Villa-Lobos 12 Studies for guitar; no. 9 in F sharp minor
Abdülaziz Lukembi and Voice
Ratko Teofilovic Gusta mi Magla Padnala
Trad. Nhetembo
Sunday 20th March 2011
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
8 / 16 Tracks
Suicide bag the featured LP slot, Randy Weston takes over in Live Freaks.

Suicide Frankie Teardrop
Matt Berry The Pheasant
Modified Toy Orchestra Qwerty
John Barry Fancy Dance
Graham Bond Baroque
Marquis of Kensington The Changing Of The Guard
Supersister Dreaming Wheelwhile
Deep Listening Band Geocentric
Randy Weston Live at Montreux 1974
Suicide Cheree/Johnny
Amazing Blondel Willowwood
Suicide Ghost Rider/Rocket USA
Demdike Stare Hashashin Chant
Flashman The Proposition
Tasavallan Presidentti You'll Be Back For More
The Goodees Condition Red