Playlists with tracks by Beatriz Ferreyra

Saturday 12th December 2020
New Music Show
2020 Highlights
3 / 11 Tracks
Kate Molleson and Tom Service introduce highlights of releases of new music from 2020.

Franz Xaver Gruber Silent Night
Sharif Sehnaoui Concave
Andrew Hamilton A
Angharad Davies Circular Bowing Study
Anthony Braxton Composition No. 68
Ashley Paul Light Inside My Skin
Beatriz Ferreyra L'autre ... Ou Le Chant Des Marecages
Catherine Lamb Wave/Forming (Astrum)
Liza Lim Anthropogenic Debris (from Extinction Events And Dawn Chorus)
Oliver Leith Good Day Good Day Bad Day Bad Day
Rhodri Davies Ffarwel Arddol
Saturday 14th November 2020
New Music Show
Aberdeen Sound Festival
2 / 14 Tracks
The latest in new music performance, with Kate Molleson.

Kanji Nakao Trio Goodbye
Marco Momi Quattro Nudi
Adam Lee Hallaig
Oliver Iredale Searle The Illicit Still
Adrian Moore 3 Pieces: Horn
Piers Hellawell Time, The Deer
Ashley Paul No End
Beatriz Ferreyra Echos
Beatriz Ferreyra L'autre ... Ou Le Chant Des Marecages
Bethan Morgan-Williams In the Crypt
Carmel Smickersgill More
Clemens Gadenstätter Studies For A Portrait
Jane Stanley The Faery Cup
Saturday 10th October 2020
Freak Zone Playlist
by C.P.I.
4 / 17 Tracks
Cosmic industrial electronica that rings in your ears and speaks to the stars.

Laurie Anderson Walking and Falling
Main Dry Stone Feed
Metametal Musas Bomjardin
''' XI ''''
Nivhek Crying Jar
Beatriz Ferreyra Médisances
Nocturnal Emissions Jarred Senses
Bleke Kistved
Nurse With Wound Soliloquy for Lilyth III
C.P.I. Walking and Falling
Oren Cantrell Tiangi
Cyclobe You are not alone, you are dreaming
Robert Bolman Embryo
Delia Derbyshire Falling (The Dreams)
Teleplasmiste Mind at Large
John Beaulieu Calendula
LST Outer Limits Of Inner Atrium
Friday 19th June 2020
Late Junction
Lea Bertucci?s mixtape
9 / 29 Tracks
Jennifer Lucy Allan invites composer Lea Bertucci to compile our latest mixtape.

Nick Drake From The Morning
Sonny Sharrock Black Woman
Erik Satie Furniture Music: Tapisserie En Fer Forge
Mosquitoes Minus Object Nine
Gamelan Salukat Genetic
'Are'are Singers 'Are'are music
Hassan Wargui Azmz
Pauline Oliveros Mnemonics II
'Are'are Singers Chants de femmes
Iancu Dumitrescu Au Dela De Movemur
Pärson Sound Tio Minuter
Amaria Hamadalher Tarhanine
Keith Tippett Dance
Beatriz Ferreyra Echos
Lawrence English Suikinkutsu Taima Japan
Tashi Dorji Attain
Cecil Taylor Piano Solo 1984
Lea Bertucci Percussion (III)
The Dynamites Kingston Dub Town
Cecil Taylor Reinforced Concrete, Part 1
Lea Bertucci Brass (II)
Thomas Binkley Lasse, Pour Quoi Refusai
Diamanda Galás The Litanies Of Satan
Lea Bertucci Warp And Weft
William Parker Baldwin [from THE MAJESTY OF JAH]
Eomac Mama Waliwamanyii
Lea Bertucci Axis:Rio (field recording)
Erik Satie Furniture Music: Tenture De Cabinet Prefectoral
Lea Bertucci Field recordings from Brooklyn New York demonstrations, June 2020
Wednesday 17th June 2020
6 Music Recommends
with Mary Anne Hobbs
9 / 15 Tracks
Beautiful new music of every texture, colour and origin.

Kelsey Lu Morning Dew
Kodama Meditation in Eb Minor
Aphty Khea Pengvibe
Lucy Gooch Stalagmites & Helictites
Arca Time
Pa Salieu Betty
Avbvrn Ubinas
Poetic Thrust PSA
Beatriz Ferreyra Deux Dents Dehors
Berwyn Glory
Bootsy Collins Family Affair (feat. Bootsy Collins)
Demian Licht Instinto
Ellen Allien True Romantics
Indweller Living Gem
Tuesday 26th May 2020
6 Music Recommends
with Tom Ravenscroft
11 / 14 Tracks
Tom Ravenscroft curates an hour of his favourite new music.

Juliana Barwick Inspirit
K-Lone In The Pines
Almighty Sion Just Around
Laraaji Temple Of New Light
Aphty Khéa Pengvibe
Neil Young Try
Automatic Signal (JooJoo Remix)
Timma T Sol
Beatriz Ferreyra Deux Dents Dehors
Cécile McLorin Salvant VISIONS
Dehd Loner
Ed Askew Little eyes
Inwards Welcome To The Gang (Samuel Organ Remix)
João Pais Out of Ape
Saturday 16th May 2020
Freak Zone Playlist
by The Soft Pink Truth
9 / 20 Tracks
Drew Daniel veers eclectically across ambient, new age, noise, techno and industrial music

Martyn Bootyspoon Buss Down (Xzavier Stone Remix)
Matthew Patterson Curry Liang Ma Meander
& DJ Haus Hypnotik Rhythmic Sequence
Max Eilbacher v Plastic Recording
Beatriz Ferreyra Echos
Mudlogger Chasing The Mouse
C'hantal The Realm
Nathan Fake Vectra
Charanjit Singh Raga Malkauns
Nurse With Wound Ritva Sings For the World
Étant Donnés Aurore
Polar Rubber
Eugene Crachesio Circle Music
Susan Alcorn The Heart Sutra
Hiro Kone Shatter the Gangue of Piety
The Soft Pink Truth Shall
ISHAQ Forest Manned Wolf
The Soft Pink Truth We
Johanna Brouk Fire Breath
Saturday 9th May 2020
New Music Show
In the Shadow of the Harp
1 / 9 Tracks
The latest in new music performance

Tollers Zelle
Beatriz Ferreyra Huellas Entreveradas (Intertwined Footsteps)
Cassandra Miller O Zomer!
Felipe Lara Meditation and Calligraphy
Georg Friedrich Haas Im Schatten der Harfen
James Weeks Düsseldorf
John Lely Stopping at the sheer edge will never abolish space
Kit Downes Rolling Thunder
Meredith Monk Totentanz
Friday 24th April 2020
Late Junction
Music for daydreams
9 / 16 Tracks
Josh Cohen joins Verity Sharp to discuss how music can help us tune in to a slower rhythm.

Maurice Ravel Trois Poèmes De Stéphane Mallarmé: Soupir
Tom Waits Rain Dogs
Linda Perhacs Parallelograms
Alice Coltrane Turiya and Ramakrishna
The Cheese Band I Like Cheese
Beatriz Ferreyra La Ba-Balle du Chien-Chien a la Me-Mere
The Heavenly Gospel Singers Precious Lord, Take My Hand
Cecil Taylor Calling It The 9th
The Still The Surely
Ecko Bazz GQOM Tera (feat. Ecko Bazz)
Tilman Robinson We Came For Your Riches
Electric Indigo Ferrum 8
Eszterlánc Elvesz A Nyom
Gundecha Brothers Raga Komal Rishabh Asavari: Alap
Kate NV Sayonara
Lankum The Granite Gaze
Saturday 11th April 2020
New Music Show
Electronic echoes and medieval Welsh harp
1 / 8 Tracks
Kate Molleson presents a selection of the best new music releases.

Adrian Demo 'Canon', from Kvarteto
Beatriz Ferreyra Echos
Lawrence Dunn While we are both
Lea Bertucci Wind Piece
Peter Zinovieff RFG Inventions for Cello and Computer (extract)
Rhodri Davies Gorhoffedd Kate a Aidan
Robert Barry Physics out of school hours
Síria Boa Lingua
Friday 13th March 2020
Late Junction
Echo. Echo.. Echo...
12 / 23 Tracks
Tape loops, the earliest recording of reverb and the world?s longest echo

My Morning Jacket I Think I'm Going To Hell
Johnnie Allan Promised Land
Lucy Railton RFG Inventions for Cello and Computer
Arthur Russell The Name Of The Next Song
Björk There's More To Life Than This
Tim Olive A1
Matt Ulery's Loom Coriander
Shabaka and The Ancestors 'Til The Freedom Comes Home
Trevor Cox World's 'longest-echo' 2nd impulse
Shannen SP Bunker (feat. Shannen SP)
Guillaume de Machaut Messe de Notre Dame, Agnus Dei
Alexander Yurchenko Untitled 2
Guillaume de Machaut Hoquetus David, 3 Voc.
Beatriz Ferreyra Echos
Ranil La Tuctuructia
Sheila Stewart Echo Mocks The Corncrake
Iain Chambers The Regent's Canal
Mariza Fado Curvo
Neek Venus
Charlotte Keeffe 'Noizemaschin!!' Solo Improvisation
Zadie Xa Ancestral undulations and the transmission of knowing
Jóhann Jóhannsson Form
Wednesday 20th March 2019
Late Junction
Benedict Drew?s Mixtape
18 / 41 Tracks
Presenter Max Reinhardt invites you to enter the mind of artist Benedict Drew.

Laurie Spiegel Pentachrome
Annea Lockwood World Rhythms
Matana Roberts Clothed to the Land, Worn by the Sea
Daphne Oram Purring Interlude
Kate Carr Plumes and sunsets
Nérija Valleys
Daphne Oram Look at Oramics
Katie Fiore TRACES >. for pendle hill
O YAMA O Futari
Delia Derbyshire Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO
Katie Fiore Container
Arianne Churchman Foxglove (Digitalis Purpurea)
O YAMA O Kitsune
Ellen Fullman Departure
Katie Fiore Continental Drift
Olivia Block Heave To (Part 1)
Félicia Atkinson Adaptation Assez Facile
Katie Fiore After Image
Éliane Radigue Untitled I
Olivia Block Make the Land
Félicia Atkinson Monstera Deliciosa
Kel Assouf Alyochan
Beatrice Dillon Sonnier (Walk In The Light)
Pauline Oliveros III Of IV
Helena Gough Condensed Milk
Beatriz Ferreyra Un Fil Invisible
Rupie Edwards’ All Stars Buckshot Dub
Holly Herndon Breathe
Lophiile You've Changed
Beatriz Ferreyra Demeures Aquatiques
Suzanne Ciani LIVE Quadraphonic Part Three
John Edwards Decentering (Improvisation)
Louise K Wilson Black Beacon Receiver Mix
Benedict Drew Market Forces Hole
Theon Cross LDN's Burning
Karen Gwyer Why Is There a Long Line in Front of the Factory?
Maja Ratkje Den sprættende bevægelse min fot gjør hver gang pulsen slår
Billy Roisz Kirre
This is How we Fly Lonesome Road
Kate Carr In Sicily I slept in the shadow of a rock