Playlists with tracks by Ayuune Sule

Wednesday 21st March 2018
Late Junction
Nick Luscombe
9 / 18 Tracks
Sounds of a cult French cartoon, a new-age classic and a Renaissance/algorithm collision.

Ordeograph Dark Run Out Side
Paul Horn Shah Jahan
Fire! Washing Your Heart In Filth
Christopher Kirkley Side A (excerpt)
OG Ron C and The Chopstars Captain Stupido (Chopnotslop Remix)
L.A. Teen Better than Cindy
Mirco Magnani & Ernesto Tomasini Dieu dans le bordel
Johannes Ockeghem Missa prolationum: Kyrie: Christe eleison
zK Outside Broadcast
Michael Winter Mass and Band (excerpt)
Ayuune Sule Say Yine Ma
Cucina Povera Kuparirumpu
Shuttle358 Divide
Carlo Domenico Valyum Eurovision
Robert Cohen-Solal Guerre musicale
Phil Ranelin Time is Running Out
heka Mirror
Craig Taborn Interruptions Three
Tuesday 13th March 2018
Late Junction
Nick Luscombe
7 / 17 Tracks
Meditative music to conclude your Tuesday on a positive note.

Co La Suffering (Tuesday)
Chaines Airship
Chaines Knockturning
Sarah-Jane Summers Morning Prayer
tony chanty Way Home
Ayuune Sule Eye Vim
Zibuokle Martinaityte Completely Embraced By The Beauty Of Emptiness
F. Ampism Om Shandy
Gazelle Twin The Dream Ends
Kerry Hagan Requiem
Shane Latimer Om
Bené Fonteles O M M
Feminist Improvising Group The Seventh Kiss (Live in Hamburg, 1980)
serpentwithfeet Blissing Me (Remix)
Run Child Run Can't Catch Me
Albrecht La'Brooy Darby Saddle
Tomoko Sauvage In Some Brighter Sphere