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Tuesday 28th November 2017
Late Junction
Verity Sharp with Derek Walmsley
2 / 17 Tracks
The Wire editor Derek Walmsley is in the studio to explore the rise of the collective.

Iannis Xenakis Concret PH
Stanley Cowell Travelin' Man
Guo Cheng Sacanylon
Ziúr Fractals
Satheesan Marar Maddalam Chenda Keli
Steven Mackey Blue Notes and Other Clashes: 1. Deep Hymn
Keiji Haino All Things Will Be Reduced To Equal Dお Tっっ3 BBRc MMMあ元 (Part 2)
Petris Vasks Klusas Dziemas (silent songs): 1. Nosapi Parsapi
Angel-Ho Side A (excerpt)
Yearning Kru U Neva Glissend
Steve Moshier Gu She' Na' Di
Oxhy versed in undoing
Johann Sebastian Bach Cello Suite No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1008: Allemande
Kelly Thoma Kontylies of Messara
Subversive Intentions Maryanne Amacher
Leafcutter John The Bell That Never Rang (Leafcutter John Remix) (feat. Leafcutter John)
Alterations June 19, 2016 Encore
Monday 10th September 2012
Jazz on 3
Fred Frith
3 / 7 Tracks
Jez Nelson presents avant-garde guitarist Fred Frith with John Edwards and Mark Sanders.

Margaret Leng Tan Jazz Study
John Cage HPSCHD
Alterations Berlin 2
Henry Cow Nirvana For Mice
Herbert Henck Music of Changes: Buch IV
John Tilbury Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano: I
Joseph Holbrooke Mappin