Playlists with tracks by Against All Odds

Friday 27th November 2020
Sir Spyro
22 / 49 Tracks
Sir Spyro catches up with Yizzy, plus all the news from the scene.

Jme Serious
Fyrus Wheeze
Yizzy Offside
Kano Mic Check 1 2
Preditah Donkey Kong
CASisDEAD Restless Jack (feat. CASisDEAD)
Harry Todler Good Good (feat. Harry Todler)
Yizzy Prince of Grime 3
Lioness Dbt Remix
Reece West Lazarus 2
Chip Daily Duppy
HAZ Man Dem (feat. S.H.A.D.O.W & HAZ)
Maxwell D Im From A Place (feat. Maxwell D)
Scratcha DVA Yardman
Coco Tracksuit Flow
ID (Forthcoming Deep Medi)
Melvillous We Are The Baiteze
Sir Spyro WNDY
Crafty ID
Mez Overachieve
Skepta Don
Crafty 893 Hail
ID ID (Forthcoming Deep Medi)
Mos Wanted Hungry Tiger
Spider B Ring Ring Instrumental
Dapz On The Map 100 Degrees
Jammz Change
Mr Traumatik Poison
Swindle Quest For Coin
Deadly R3al I Par With Da Best (feat. Deadly R3al)
Jme Grime (feat. Jme)
Nasty Crew In Da Place
Abstrakt Come From
Dubwise Crew New Dawn (feat. Dubwise Crew)
Terror Danjah FFS Why Tho
Newham Generals War With
Against All Odds Serious 2020
Filthy Gears Underfoot
Trends Mouth Shaker
JT the Goon ID
No Lay ID
Amia Brave Peng Black Girls
Flirta D Warpspeed
Vital Techniques You're Not Ready
K9 Studio Settings
Ossa Champion Riddim
Bigga Man The Jerk Man
Friday 20th November 2020
Sir Spyro
18 / 46 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Tempa T Next Hype
10D ID (feat. 10D)
Preditah Donkey Kong
Crafty893 Hail
Triggz Likkle Fish (feat. D Double E & Triggz)
Jakebob Meridian Hymn Team
22 MCs Lockdown Riddim 2 (feat. 22 MCs)
Roll Deep When Im Ere
Crossy ID
Trim Yardman
Jammer The Jerk Man
Against All Odds Serious 2020
Rude Kid Narcos
Dapz On The Map 100 Degrees
Kid D Godly
Alias Ska
Saule Affliction
Dash Mannerz Bandz (Free Smoke)
Killa P Crow Dub
Amia Brave Peng Black Girls
Sickman My Yout
Dexplicit Exodus
Lady Shocker Shaolin
Axel Jackson Pogo Riddim
Silas 4X4 Breakbeat
Direman Ice Climbers (feat. Frostar & Direman)
Lioness Karma (feat. Lioness)
Big Zuu Back It (feat. Big Zuu)
Sir Spyro Running Their Mouth (feat. Flowdan & Sir Spyro)
Dizzee Rascal Dub
Manga Saint Hilare Safety In Numbers
Boy Better Know Goin'In
Skelecta Goosebumps
Double S Shut Ya Mouth (feat. Yhunga, Narst & Double S)
Mic Ty Gabriel
Bruza Doin' Me
Skepta IC3 (feat. Skepta)
Endz From Da Endz
Nu Brand Flexx Gash By The Hour
Chip Ignite
Teddy Westcoast
HeavyTrackerz Raise Your Glass (Remix)
P Jam Funky Nandos
Coco Tracksuit Flow
Friday 13th November 2020
Sir Spyro
DJ Kahn Ft. Logan, Lady Chann, Jammz & Emz
21 / 55 Tracks
Bristol's DJ Kahn is on deck with emcees; Logan, Lady Chann, Jammz & Emz.

C4 Off Track
Ghetts Top 3 Selected
Jme If You Don't Know
Against All Odds Serious 2020
Loon Humid
DaVinche Untitled
Sir Hiss Hunger (feat. Eyez, Dubzy & Sir Hiss)
Triggz Likkle Fish
Hi5Ghost Long Way
Badness Motherland
Lord Jabu El Molino
Distinct Motive Haste
Sir Spyro Non Stop
BBK Red Card (feat. BBK)
Merky ACE Spring (feat. P Money & Merky ACE)
Dizzle Kid Kick Ups
Skepta ID
Iron Soul Right Now
Bengal Sound Gangladesh
Mic Ty Gabriel
Drone Blood Orange
Slay ID
Bugzy Malone Doed Up
Movez WV Make Dough
Dubmonger Version 2
Sox Do My Job
Jon E Clayface Top Of The Scene
Mystry Phuckin X
Epoch Push Back
Spooky 2 GOOD
Kahn For Beirut, Part 4
Coki Seen
Nazamba OBF (feat. Nazamba)
Faultsz Chattin & Braggin
Subten What Have They Summoned
Kahn Imhotep
Crossy Last Man Standing
Neckle Camp Take Over
Filthy Gears 1
Teddy Westcoast
Kamakaze Safe & Sound
D Double E Frontline (feat. D Double E)
Novelist Active
Teeza When You Hear This One
Footsie Black & White
Kano Eastside (feat. Ghetts & Kano)
D.O.K Untitled
Tommy B No Dramas
Lewi B Roof
Dash Mannerz Bandz
Scorcher No Bass
Tre Mission Hoods Up (Remix)
HeavyTrackerz Raise Your Glass (Remix)